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Contest: What’s wrong with this picture?

Update: We have a winner! The answer I was looking for is backwards fork (or headset). The others were good answers too, but ‘scnottin’ is the winner. I’ve sent an email asking for his address. Respond either here in a comment or as a reply to me on Twitter. Be the first to tell me read more »

What’s wrong with this picture?

Take a look at Saturday’s Plugger comic and list all the things wrong with that picture. Props to Jym Dyer.

What’s wrong with this picture?

a) Label not lined up with tube valve.b) $50 Hutchinson Fusion 2 race tire on a $30 entry level Mavic rimc) Bike is inverted, scratching the cyclocomputer display. More on this tire later.

Bicycle directions to Levi’s Stadium

Updates have been incorporated based your experience and mine from the Earthquakes / Sounders soccer game shakedown. The Levi’s Stadium bike directions list out suggested paths and streets to use when accessing the stadium. I personally like pictures, so I’ve created a map of bike paths and street access to the stadium from those paths read more »

Fun with bicycle stock photos

I found this stock royalty-free image from Getty Images. What’s wrong with this picture? #188069560 /

VTA to cyclists: Don’t do that!

What’s wrong with this picture?