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Where will I get run over?

Larey is a utility cyclist in Fort Collins, Colorado and he has an interesting idea: A Darwin Award with an actual cash prize. You submit the top three places in your town you expect to get run over and put $20 into a pool. If you get run over at your #1 spot, then you read more »

RT @RandyRoubaix: Q3 I just worry about getting ru…

RT @RandyRoubaix: Q3 I just worry about getting run over, not someone stealing my bike #bikeschool

How to embed those free Getty images

You haven’t seen me post many “celebrities on bikes” photos lately because my main source of free bike celebrity photos went out of business. I was pretty excited to see, then, that Getty now offers the same service from their huge library of editorial and creative images. Last night, I immediately embarked on a search read more »

San Jose police investigate pedestrian hit-and-run fatality

Local news media reported yet another pedestrian hit-and-run fatality in San Jose, CA. This one occurred on Snell Avenue just south of Capitol Expressway in south San Jose. There’s a twist in this case: police are treating this death not as an accident, but a homicide:

How stolen bike recovery works in California

With San Francisco’s launch of a voluntary bicycle registration program, I figure it’s time to explain how bicycle registration and stolen property recovery works in California.

The Crunchy Christian and a cookbook review

In Jewish and Christian scripture, the prophet Daniel was among the young men who were brought from Jerusalem to be servants to King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon. To avoid defiling himself and to show solidarity with his people, he refused to eat the “king’s meat” and subsisted on an essentially vegan, gluten-free diet. The evangelical / read more »