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Why transit needs bikes

Yesterday, Alan wrote a thoughtful post at EcoVelo entitled “Why bicyclists need transit.” Even though transit may not currently be on your radar, that could change overnight, and you may find yourself depending upon a bus or train in combination with your bicycle to get yourself to work everyday. Alan points out that the incomplete read more »

Bicycles as public transit

Chattanooga Tennessee calls their new bike share program “Chattanooga Bicycle Transit.”

Transit Tuesday

I regularly follow two blogs that discussion public transportation: Human Transit and Cap’n Transit.

Bike share coming to Silicon Valley?

A pilot project by Santa Clara VTA may have bike share stations at Caltrain stations in Mountain View, Palo Alto, and San Jose with satellite destination stations at locations such as Stanford, San Jose State University, San Jose City Hall and Moffett Park. From Streetsblog SF… Despite the much ballyhooed talk by San Francisco Mayor read more »

$1 million for bike park and ride

The Portland, Oregon regional TriMet transit agency announced they will spend $1 million in Federal ARRA (stimulus) funds to expand and improve bike parking facilities throughout the Portland transit system. That $1 million will create 250 new bike parking spots at two stations and upgrade another 100 bike lockers at another station. “More riders are read more »

Clarence’s case for bus bike racks

New York City buses don’t carry bicycles. Clarence Eckerson, Jr. of Streetfilms makes the case for bike racks on buses in his latest video.