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Wii Bike

This stationary bike is a Wii controller. From the game screenshot, it appears you use this bike drive a pedal powered chopper over the planet to clean up the planet. More at Kotaku. Due for release January 2010 from French game publisher BigBen Interactive. Since they’re French, is it too much to hope for a read more »

Theme park Schwinn

“Vintage Disneyland Tickets” is a funky blog of old photos and memorabilia from Disneyland and other southern California theme parks.

Parking and public spaces

Freeways and parking are generally added to promote commerce, but the Overhead Wire discusses the damage this kind of public infrastructure has in terms of lost tax revenue, lower property values, and lost employment.

Cyclelicious Tops for 2008

Everybody else is doing it, so I might as well also. I’m strictly a numbers guy, so by the numbers… 2008 Top Content These pages had the most visitors in 2008. 5. Bicycles for heavy people.4. Bicyclist taxonomy.3. Bike commuter tax benefits.2. I can ride my bike with no handlebars.1. Kirsten Gum Not Nude. Top read more »

Gas signs truth in advertising video

Gas Signs Truth in Advertising. from Donny Miller on Vimeo. Props to Girl Meets Bike. Ad

World War 2 bicycle safety pamphlet

There was a time when husbanding scarce resources was considered the patriotic American thing to do. See more of this WW2 bike safety pamphlet at FixedGear’s Flickr stream. Before America entered the war, bicycles were largely used as a means of recreation and pleasure, and for riding to and from school by young people. Now read more »