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Will Rock Racing appear?

Michael Ball, the owner of Rock Racing, stirred things up a little this afternoon in Palo Alto when he threatened to withdraw his team from the Tour of California unless all eight of the cyclists he submitted to AEG are allowed to race. Steephill.TV promises video of that conference soon. KWC also reports on the read more »

NAHBS: Adventures in Off Road Adventure Bikes

[Publisher’s Note: Justin is being coy when he writes about these adventure bikes and fails to mention his own participation in the 2012 Tour de Divide — and on a single speed bike, no less.] Most – if not all the bikes being shown at this year’s NAHBS are head turners, and the variety of read more »

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-02-27

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-02-20: Owl City – Fireflies: My daughter has Owl City’s “Ocean Eyes” on her MP3 pl… #

Stage 5 updates

Chris Jones Diary, where the Yellow Devil makes an appearance and comments about his scuffle with Lance Armstrong. Bike World News has an Tour of California Photo Contest. Submit your photos, win a prize. As far as I’m concerned, Ken Conley wins the prize. Below is a sample, but see all of his photos at read more »

California Giant Cycling Team

Anybody who cycles (or drives) down Highway 1 in Monterey County, California has seen the California Giant Berry Farms billboards that prominently feature a cyclist from their California Giant amateur cycling team. California Giant has sponsored a cycling team in Santa Cruz County for eight years now, and local cyclists appreciate the support of this read more »

Listen to Fritz (and David and Donna) on The Spokesmen

I make an appearance on this week’s edition of The Spokesmen cycling podcast. We talked about the local fatalities, the Tuscon Shootout, the baseball incident in Tuscon, the first prosecution using the new 3 foot law in Utah, Dave Zabriskie’s Yield To Life campaign, the mess with Perry Nees and ASO and UCI and Astana, read more »