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Giveaway: Win the Ride Of Your Life

Long distance cyclist David Rowe stopped by the Santa Cruz offices of Cyclelicious during his virtual tour to promote his new book, The Ride of Your Life. Rather than focus on physical fitness, author David Rowe concentrates on the mental preparation that will ultimately make or break your commitment to training and the successful completion read more »

Win The Ride of Your Life

Watch later today for a chance to win a free copy of this book I read through David Rowe’s The Ride of Your Life, his latest ebook for you if you want to increase your mileage and your enjoyment of events of 100 miles or more. Who is David Rowe? David Rowe is a road read more »

Prevent blindness, ride a bike

With a growing body of evidence showing a correlation between time spend indoors and myopia, perhaps public health agencies can add blindness prevention to the list of reasons they encourage outdoor activity for children.

Santa Clara Ride Every Road status

Some of you who follow me on Strava have wondered about the strange meandering routes I sometimes take through the city of Santa Clara. You’re seeing my Ride Every Road Santa Clara project. So far this year, I’ve covered maybe 70% of the 240 miles of surface streets in Santa Clara.

Colorado Bike Winter Challenge

Your challenge as a cyclist from now through March 31 — commute by bike at least 52 times. If you succeed, you may attend the Icy Bike Gala.

Waterwings, earbuds, and thongs

From a distance, this woman’s orange jacket looked like water wings to me. I didn’t realize it was a jacket until I was right behind her. Foothill Expressway in Santa Clara County, CA.