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Winter cycling tips for Santa Cruz, California

Last Saturday, I was just riding along in beautiful 68 degree sunny weather on Brommer Street in Santa Cruz when I shot a photo of Jamie Bianchini towing his son Luca in a bike trailer. I uploaded the photo to Google Plus. Google then applied “autoawesome” to the image to overlay animated snow flakes over read more »

My winter cycling cred

I’ve been a year round utility cyclist since the 1980s. Whilst living in Illinois and Colorado, that meant cycling to work in occasionally extreme weather. You just deal with it. Six years in California, however, has softened me.

#bikeschool Q6 3 winter cycling essentials = tasty…

#bikeschool Q6 3 winter cycling essentials = tasty baklava, an ice cream sandwich, and hot coffee to wash it all down.

Winter cycling promotion to fight traffic congestion

Advil’s “Congestion Relief Program” donated a snow plow and salt truck specifically for use on Chicago’s separated bike lanes. 50 Citizen Gotham folding bikes were also raffled off to those who showed up at promotional event.

Video: Winter cycling HOWTO

Streetfilms visited Chicago to show us tips on winter cycling.

Studded tires for winter cycling

I’ve done a lot of winter cycling on icy roads on various tires, and I can’t emphasize enough what a difference studded tires make. Studded tires are the difference between dangerous and hesitant riding to confident cycling and maneuvering.