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Woman cycling

A woman bicycles past the Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village apartment complexes in New York City. Isn’t it marvelous?

I quit cycling at 32 because I had the bones of an old woman

UK Cyclist Chris Boardman won the 1992 Gold Medal in the 4,000 meter track race at the Barcelona Olympics. Yet within seven years, he was to receive a shocking diagnosis that was to end his cycling career. Chris was told he was suffering from osteoporosis. Although in its early stages, the disease, which causes bones read more »

California traffic tickets while cycling: Points on your license?

FAQ: I was cited for [ running a “dead” red light / CVC 21202 violation / impeding traffic ] while riding my bicycle. Will I get points against my drivers license? Will my car insurance rates go up?

25 Compeletely Awesome Cycling Advocacy T-Shirts

Guest Post from Melody Stone in Sacramento. T-shirts are for making statements and as cyclists we’ve got a lot to say. So I set about collecting the coolest cycling activism t-shirts on the web. Some of these t-shirt designs are simple and with a subtle statement, but I feel they still loudly exclaim the benefits read more »

Cervelo talks women’s cycling

There’s a good interview with Cervelo’s Gerard Vroomen over at Podium Cafe today. Via Blacknell.

Cycling in volcanic ash

Would you ride a bicycle in the aftermath of a volcanic eruption?