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Joy Covey RIP in Woodside, CA…

Joy Covey RIP in Woodside, CA

Joy Covey RIP in Woodside, CA

That cyclist fatality on SKyline Boulevard in the hills of San Mateo County yesterday afternoon was reportedly Joy Covey, former Amazon CFO and treasurer for the Natural Resources Defense Council. I’ve met her (very briefly), and her family and her extended circle of friends and colleagues have my most sincere condolences.

Teens beat Woodside Road cyclist

Woodside California harasses charity rides

I’ll just point you to the story at Holier Than You.

Woodside & Portola Valley enforcement action

A quick word to cyclists riding around Alpine & Portola Road around Woodside — San Mateo County Sheriff’s deputies are citing cyclists for riding to the left of the shoulder. Deputies will be out in force on Wednesday and Saturdays on the roads around Woodside for the next three weeks. Although cycling to the left read more »

#ReplaceBikeWithCar Portola Valley California

Portola Valley, California is a wealthy town nestled in the hills of the Santa Cruz Mountains south of San Francisco. With an average median income of $244,000 per year, it’s the sixth wealthiest community in California with the ninth most expensive housing in the nation. It’s also a great place to ride. Residents of Portola read more »