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Ride with Fritz, get free stuff

Happy Bay Area Bike To Work Day, everybody! Ride with me in the Mountain View to San Jose bike convoy this evening and get free stuff (while supplies last). The best (IMO) prize is the “Roadie” mirror for drop bars from CycleAware. I have one to give away. If you want it, be the first read more »

Fritzdaughter – future endurance athlete

My young daughter had some blood work recently as part of a physical. She’s apparently inherited my good oxygen delivery genes: her hemoglobin measured at 15.2 g/dL and her hematocrit is at 42.8%. These levels are very close to those measured in professional cyclists, and we live at an altitude of about 500 feet above read more »

Listen to Fritz (and David and Donna) on The Spokesmen

I make an appearance on this week’s edition of The Spokesmen cycling podcast. We talked about the local fatalities, the Tuscon Shootout, the baseball incident in Tuscon, the first prosecution using the new 3 foot law in Utah, Dave Zabriskie’s Yield To Life campaign, the mess with Perry Nees and ASO and UCI and Astana, read more »

See Fritz on video

David has posted the “The Lost Episode” of The Spokesmen cycling podcast. This is a video interview from Interbike hosted by David. The video features: Carlton Reid of BikeBiz & QuickRelease.TV, Tim “Masi Guy” Jackson, Tim Grahl of the Crooked Cog Network, Donna “KryptoGal” Tocci, Byron the Bike Hugger, Guitar Ted representing 29 inches, Brad read more »

Revisiting the totem pole of danger

Last year I kind of introduced a totem pole of danger. It’s the crazy idea that those operating the more dangerous devices should take more care. I’ve redrawn this as a hazard hierarchy. The wider the triangle, the more careful you should be. Apologies for my lack of graphic design skills, but I hope it read more »

2013 year in review for bicycling

Happy Holidays, faithful readers. Each year I try to track bicycle news of note for the year. You might notice a regional focus. How many of these items do you remember? What have I missed?