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Yuba Mundo cargo bike

Behold the Yuba Mundo cargo bicycle. Yuba plans to introduce the Mundo cargo bike to Europe this month, followed by a release to America in February. This high-tensile steel bike with a long frame allows for extra carrying capacity; the rear platform can haul up to two extra passengers or up to 485 lbs / read more »

A cargo bike rodeo in Brooklyn

718 Cyclery in Park Slope, Brooklyn will host New York City’s first cargo bike rodeo on Saturday, August 22nd from 9 AM to 6 PM.

Santa Cruz bike messenger in the news

  Rick Graves (pictured here) owns Clutch Courier Service in Santa Cruz. The Santa Cruz Sentinel ran a nice story about him and his business on Sunday.

1,000 bananas on a bike!

  Cycle 9 bike shop in Chapel Hill, NC had somebody haul over 400 pounds of bananas (!) on a Yuba Mundo “affordable mobility” cargo bike. The cyclist, Dave Demming, looks a little shaky trying to maneuver the heavily laden two wheeler down the street, but he eventually makes it to his destination. More about read more »

Cargo bike compare & contrast

There’s a nice writeup on five kid and cargo carriers at Treehugger today. They looked at the Yuba Mundo (v. 3.0), Taga trike / stroller, Stokemonkey + Xtracycle, Bakfiets, and one handmade bike — the ShuttleBug from Joe Bike in Portland, OR. After you’ve read the Treehugger article, come back here to see a few read more »

Non-custodial ex-husband forbids children riding bikes

Does anybody know where Randy’s girlfriend can get help for this situation? Posted here with his permission. They live in Longmont, Colorado. I am writing this on behalf of my girlfriend and her two kids. There has been an issue with my girlfriend’s Ex-husband about the fact that we allow her two children (age 7 read more »