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Zero Per Gallon

My buddy Kit just bought Zero Per Gallon from Jonny Waldman. Get your Zero Per Gallon stickers, t-shirts, and patches today.

Zero Per Gallon for sale

The owner and Chief Banana at Zero Per Gallon is calling it quits to sail around the world, and his business is for sale. ZPG made about $25K in 2008, says Jonny Waldman, working only one day a week at it, and he’s letting the business for for $30K. ZPG prints and sells the popular read more »

Giveaway: Zero Per Gallon stickers

Today’s giveaway is an assortment of five bicycle theme stickers from Zero Per Gallon in San Francisco. Zero Per Gallon makes a set of fun stickers proclaiming your independence from foreign oil. They’re a great attention getter, and they’re always fun to hand out at any gathering of cyclists. I started handing a few out read more »

Zero Per Gallon

From the Shameless Commerce department… I’ve gotten a lot of comments on this Zero Per Gallon “$0.00 9/10” patch on my bag. Most people “get it” except for a few uptight engineer types that are a little too literal minded. Actually, I think they get it too, they just like being dweebish pinheads. These iron-on read more »


Video by California Is A Place. Props to my friend Kit, who writes, “Never underestimate the power of good people with a passion for the bicycle. Even in East Oakland. Especially in East Oakland.” This video is good stuff, and I’ve met the Scraper Bike King Baby Champ and he’s good people. This kid has read more »

San Francisco Supermarket Street Sweep

The Supermarket Street Sweep is an alleycat race to benefit the San Francisco Food Bank with AWESOME prizes. Race your bikes, buy lots of food from grocery stores, and bring it back to the finish. All collected food is donated to the San Francisco Food Bank. The 3rd Annual Supermarket Street Sweep, Saturday, December 6, read more »