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accidental cycle chic

Tilted Levi’s Inspired by Meli and Lorena, I’ve been trying to wear regular street clothes more often when riding around town. Unintentionally I’m sure, Levi’s has created some comfortable cycling jeans that are high in the back and low in the front. There are even back pockets! (And front ones as well, for that matter.) read more »

Plasma for fuel!

Happy Hump Day. Let’s see what’s in new in the world of bicycling today.

Hump Day Hugs

True Story: I ride the bus from Santa Cruz with “Sharon.” She works at Adobe and recently attended SXSW in Austin, where she told me she rented a bicycle. “Austin has these wide one way streets,” she told me this morning. “I can’t go fast and I didn’t really know how to get across four read more »


As I waited for my bus this morning in Santa Cruz, I watched five CalFire trucks pull into the Starbucks parking lot behind me. They were returning from working overnight in San Bruno about 60 miles away, where a two foot gas pipeline built in 1948 exploded and obliterated an entire neighborhood. Fire departments, CalFire read more »