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Montana proposal to ban bikes from most roads

Update: the bill has been changed to completely remove the proposed bans listed below. Montana legislator Barry Usher (R-Roundup) has drafted a bill proposal to prohibit bikes, pedestrians, other non-motorized vehicles, and wheelchairs from all two-lane roads in Montana outside of municipalities where no paved shoulder is provided. This bill, obviously, maroons anyone who lives read more »

Larry Krystkowiak rides a bicycle, and catches bike thieves too

University of Utah basketball coach Larry Krystkowiak might have a vendetta against bike thieves since he’s had two custom made bikes stolen out of the garage of his Montana home. (Bike theft in Montana?). He reported via Twitter: Walking into the office early this morn I saw a guy riding a bike while wheeling a read more »

NAHBS: Adventures in Off Road Adventure Bikes

[Publisher’s Note: Justin is being coy when he writes about these adventure bikes and fails to mention his own participation in the 2012 Tour de Divide — and on a single speed bike, no less.] Most – if not all the bikes being shown at this year’s NAHBS are head turners, and the variety of read more »

An American survey of dooring laws

The Senate Transportation Committee of the Virginia General Assembly today consider SB 736, an anti-dooring bill that would bring Virginia’s motor vehicle code in line with the 90% of the nation that has the identical law on their books. Unfortunately, after some legislators and other opinion makers have branded what should be common sense as read more »

The only good Indian is a dead Indian

Thoughts lead to words. Words lead to action. In 1868, James Cavanaugh represented the Territory of Montana as a non-voting delegate to the U.S. House of Representatives. He testified to the House, “I like an Indian better dead than living. I have never in my life seen a good Indian – and I have seen read more »

Why bother with a transportation bill?

The National Journal asks their panel of transportation policy experts: Why bother with the transportation bill?