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Suicide Swerve caught on Russian dashcam

Happy Friday! Russian dashcam catches a driver veering right into a cyclist. Incredibly, one of my Twitter followers, an avid cyclist who lived in Russia blamed this on the cyclist, explaining to me that “cyclists are super dangerous and create problems for law abiding motorists”!! And then check this out from Ted in the Southland: read more »

Suicide Swerve

Last night, Ted and I discussed this unlikely report of a cyclist’s accidental death. The cyclist, 20 year old Justin Price, was riding to work in the shoulder when, according to witnesses, he suddenly swerved into the side of a passing tractor trailer. Although the truck driver, Kerry Williams, heroically tried to avoid Price, Price read more »

Suicide swerve south of Watsonville

This one looks especially brutal – 65-year-old man hit from behind on Highway 129 early in the morning in the north part of Monterey County near Watsonville. He was knocked into opposing traffic and hit again by another car. More in the Sentinel: 65 year old man on bike killed by passing traffic on Hwy read more »

SWSS: Single Witness Suicide Swerve

You’ve heard the story: In a bike vs motor vehicle crash where the only statement given to police came from the driver (because the cyclist is either dead, carted off in an ambulance, or is blatantly ignored), the driver will swear up and down that the cyclist swerved directly in front of him! Photo of read more »

What do we call this? Courtesy wave? Suicide wave?

Here’s the set up: I want a cheap katsudon rice bowl for dinner so I steer myself to Mitsuwa Market on Saratoga Avenue at Moorpark. I stopped in the left of two lanes on Moorpark waiting for oncoming traffic to clear so I can make a left turn. My path is the blue line, I read more »

Justice for a bicycling farm laborer

Back in July 23, 2013, 65-year-old farm laborer Jose Martinez-Sanchez was biking to work on rural Highway 129 / Riverside Drive outside of Watsonville, California when he was hit from behind at 50 MPH by the driver of a Ford Mustang. Martinez-Sanchez was thrown into the opposite lane, where he was struck and killed by read more »