Welcome to the autosnob!

Computer Generated Snobbery

Bike Snob NYC rules, but I created this random computer "autosnob" because I noticed BSNYC was getting a little bit, well, formulaic in his snobbery. Formulas is something computers are very good at, so I spent a couple of hours in my top secret lab and created The Autosnob.

Here's how it works: I take random posts from Bike Snob NYC, mash them with random Craigslist bike ads, and apply some simple keyword recognition to create a new Snobby article. Sometimes it works pretty well, sometimes it doesn't.

If you see XXX in the text, that's a placeholder for random text that I still need to ad. I'm obviously still working on the part the mocks the actual Craigslist ad. Right now, I mostly select random quips based on the colors that are found in the ad text.

Major props to Mr. BikeSnob for the wonderful inspiration. Push "reload" on your browser for different text, or visit Cyclelicious for more bike stuff. If you see mention of "Wally" here, that's Wally Crankset of CycleDog fame (with apologies to my friend Ed).