Location: Sr180 / George Smith Rd, Fresno - Jun 12 2012 11:08AM

: 1183-Trfc Collision-Unkn Inj
    -- Jun 12 2012 11:17AM [13] [Notification] [CHP]-PER FSO, EMS ENRT C2 FOR 1181, NEG 1185 NEEDED, MC CAN BE PUSHED O/O RDWY [Shared]
    -- Jun 12 2012 11:15AM [11] [Appended, 11:16:35] [7] SIL CHEV PULLED OUT IFO THE MC AND RIDER HAD TO LAY THE BIKE DOWN TO AVOID TC W/ VEH
    -- Jun 12 2012 11:13AM [6] [Appended, 11:16:35] [2] NEG 1125
    -- Jun 12 2012 11:09AM [1] MC VS CHEV SUV

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