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Saturday, August 08, 2009
  International Win for Susan day
By Ed W 
Here's an absolutely lovely idea from David Schloss on Bike Hugger. Let's observe August 23rd as the International Win for Susan Day. Wear your LiveStrong bracelet, Fat Cyclist apparel, or simply a homemade sign. Let's try to raise more money for cancer research in Susan's memory.

This was David's idea. Go thank him for it.

(...and Fritz, I hope you don't mind me sneaking in to post this!.....Ed)


Tuesday, July 07, 2009
  Lunch with Paul Andrews
By Yokota Fritz 
Semi-retired journalist Paul Andrews is visiting the Bay Area from his Seattle home. He used to write for the San Jose Mercury News back in the stone ages before he packed his bags to become the technology columnist for the Seattle Times.

We had lunch at Cafe Borrones in Menlo Park where he told me about his bike rides with Jobst Brandt (mountain dirt trails on skinny road tires), Dave Scott (super nice guy who pulled the entire ride, kind of like Fabian Cancellara pulled Saxo Bank during the Team Time Trail), Greg LeMond (ran into him once), and other Bay Area cycling legends.

In 2000, Paul met blogging pioneer Dave Winer and tried out Winer's early blogging software. "I tried it out and was blown away," writes Paul in his old tech column. "For a career journalist, blogging was like dropping a newsroom, printing press and fleet of trucks in my lap," so he began blogging about bikes and other topics at the turn of this century, which is five years before I began blogging about bicycle issues in Boulder County, Colorado. As far as I can tell, the other "oldest" bike blog is The Cycling Dude who began publishing, I believe, in 2003 or 2002 (Kiril, please feel free to correct me).

These days, Paul Andrews blogs as The Bike Intelligencer. He knows road biking and the people involved and there's good stuff to read over there -- I've added it to my RSS feed.


Tuesday, March 03, 2009
  Jon Winston of Bikescape
By Yokota Fritz 
More bike blogging people: Say hello to Jon Winston of the Bikescape Cycling Podcast.

Jon Winston

Jon lives in San Francisco and mostly covers urban issues, transportation and how they relate to cycling. You can see him carrying portable recording equipment to record his podcasts on the fly. Go find some good stuff at his blog.


Tuesday, February 24, 2009
  Logan was his name-o
By Yokota Fritz 
These are Amanda and Doc Logan in Sacramento.

AToC Sacramento meetup

Logan blogs about cycling and other stuff from Sacramento. I've known him online for probably two or three years and it's always great to meet these people in person.

Amanda rides a Schwinn Madison; Logan's bike is an old Raleigh. Big props to them because this was at a big bike blogger meetup in Sacramento and these two were the only ones who *ahem* rode their bikes there.

Drop by and say hello to Logan.


Wednesday, February 04, 2009
  The BR&IN has a blog
By Yokota Fritz 
In a surprisingly transparent article about the fears she has jumping into the world of blogging, Bicycle Retailers and Industry News editor Megan Tompkins expresses her skepticism about new media while acknowledging the influence blogs can have in politics and business.

You can find the BR&IN blog here, and so far it looks like they've got things right: comments, RSS feed, and transparency. Good work, Ms. Tompkins, I'm looking forward to more.

Bicycle Retailers and Industry News is the publication for bike retailers, covering all aspects of the bicycle industry ranging from the state of retail sales to labor rates in China. The BR&IN is published by the National Bicycle Dealers Association and is run by people in the bike business. If you can snag a copy it has some fascinating stuff.


Tuesday, December 02, 2008
  Streetsblog Network
By Yokota Fritz 
Streetsblog announced the the Streetsblog Network, which brings together more than than 100 blogs to create a place where people who blog on smart growth, livable streets and sustainable transportation issues can come together and learn from each other.

California blogs in the Streetsblog Network so far include Green Wheels in Humboldt County, The Overhead Wire in San Francisco, San Francisco Cityscape, the new and excellent San Francisco Bike Blog, Transbay Blog (SF), Fresno Bike Coalition, Bicycle Fixation (LA), Bottleneck Blog (LA), Gary Rides Bikes (LA), LA County Bicycle Coalition, Streetsblog LA, The Bus Bench in Los Angeles, LA Visions, Metro Rider LA, and Long Beach Cyclists.


Tuesday, September 30, 2008
  Nipple Works
By Yokota Fritz 
Nipple Works sells their Jersey Bag, a heavy duty plastic bag to keep your stuff dry and with a friction strip so it doesn't bounce out of your jersey pocket.

The Nipple Works bloggers blog mostly about bicycle gear stuff -- clothing, wheels, women's underwear, and cyclocross -- with lots of stuff as seen in the San Francisco Bay Area. If you're not familiar with "P" and "D" go check them out.


Friday, September 26, 2008
  People of Interbike 2008
By Yokota Fritz 
RoadBikeReview and MTBR have their Virtual Tradebooths; I'll do my Virtual Social Meetup.

Ron of BikeWorldNews, Dennis Bean of Fixed Gear Gallery, and Steve Woo of Sportgenic.

20080925-interbike 172

Mia of Momentum Magazine and Brad of Urban Velo.

Mia and Brad

Fossil Fool
rocks the best party at the Las Vegas Criterium. Behind him is Benjamin of Yuba Bikes.

Fossil Fool rocks the best party at the Criterium

Tyler of Bike Rumor.

Tyler of

Brian of Raleigh looks dapper with his Nan of Joy Rider Clothing.

20080925-interbike 073

Tracy, Stacy, and Tanya are the Vegas Criterium Umbrella Girls.

Criterium Umbrella

For more photos, see my Urban Legends Fashion Show bike photos over at Commute By Bike.

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Thursday, August 28, 2008
  Yehuda Fritz?
By Yokota Fritz 
I think VeliPete might have me confused with somebody else :-)

Just a note that I periodically like to give a shout out to everybody who links to me when they do it, but I've noticed that, lately, Technorati seems to miss a lot of these backlinks. doesn't really handle trackbacks that well, either, and I have way too much invested in using to change blogging platforms now. If you link to a post in Cyclelicious, please don't be shy about leaving a comment here so I know about the link love and I'll send it back your way.

Recent links that I know about have come from

There are others, but I've already mentioned them in other posts. :-) And let's hope I didn't mess up all of those links too badly :-)

Now lets hope this bicycle blog doesn't get marked as a link farm!


Wednesday, August 27, 2008
  Bikes and rumors of bikes
By Yokota Fritz 
Tyler of rides his mountain bike
Tyler of races in the Fool's Gold mountain bike race the weekend of August 15.
Bike Rumor started in June of this year as a source of news, product information, and product rumors in the bike industry.

Tyler of Greensboro, North Carolina is the publisher of Bike Rumor. He has been an avid cyclist since 1995, when he picked it up as a junior in college. "I raced a lot for about eight years," says Tyler. "Then I had kids and realized that cycling was more fun when it was just for fun and fitness, not racing."

"While I enjoy the competitive spirit, my riding is focused around fun rather than keeping in top physical form for a 90 minute race."

Welcome Tyler to the biking blogosphere. Drop by and say hello.

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Tuesday, August 26, 2008
  SSWC08: Singlespeed World Championship photos
By Yokota Fritz 
Photographer Carson Blume spent the weekend in Napa and shot some nice photos from SSWC08.

Elsewhere on his photo blog he's posted some nice Tour of Utah photos. His cycling blog is in a way Yet Another Ride Statistics journal, but the elevation profiles and GPS tracks are punctuated with wonderful photography of the scenery and cyclists in and around Santa Barbara, California. His photos encourage me to get out and ride!


Thursday, August 21, 2008
  Eco Velo
By Yokota Fritz 
The Bike Hugger gave me a big hug earlier this week -- in a list of his Top 10 Bike Blog List, guess who he put at the very top of the list? That makes Yokota Fritz feel so wonderful that it's worth a big photo of the Bike Hugger Team here; the tall guy in the middle -- Rich Kelly of Interbike -- is I guess an honorary Bike Hugger. Byron's the dude in the blue cap.

Team Bike Hugger

The other blogs Byron mentioned are high on my list also, but I wasn't familiar with #2 on his Top 10 -- Eco Velo from Sacramento.

Alan and Michael utilize bicycles as transportation to reduce their impact on the environment. Eco Velo is the public expression of their commitment to reduce their impact on the environment by employing bicycles as their primary mode of transport. They use Eco Velo to share what they learn from this endeavor while celebrating the beauty of the bicycle and the joys of everyday bike riding. Alan an Michael hope to inspire others to make a similar commitment through Eco Velo. So do I!

Remember, this weekend August 23-24 2008 is the Single Speed World Championship in Napa, California. Most of the bikes in this race are singlespeed mountain bikes, but singlespeed and and fixed gear cyclocross, road and "other" bikes also take part. It should be fun stuff.


Wednesday, August 20, 2008
  Bikes as transportation
By Yokota Fritz 
Mark Stosberg of Richmond, Indiana uses his bicycles for transportation.

He's pretty active in the blogosphere commenting on other people's blogs. He's gathered up his bicycling material and put them together into a new blog, Bikes For Transportation.


Saturday, August 16, 2008
  Cycling in Wichita, Kansas
By Yokota Fritz 
I've only been to Wichita, Kansas once in my life. My dad's family is in the area south of Tulsa, Oklahoma; Wichita is due north of Oklahoma City not far from the Oklahoma / Kansas border. I recall freeways, industrial sections of town, a riverfront, and aircraft industries on the edge of the city.

We drove through Wichita on our way to the Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center in Hutchinson, KS. The largest collection of Russian space junk in America is there in the middle of Amish country.

John B in Wichita, Kansas, is a relative newbie to bicycle commuting. His blog Cycling in Wichita, has a growing local readership of people who are interested in raising their visibility and the consciousness of Wichitans in their decidedly not bike-friendly town.

"We are interested in exploring some of the implications of cycling as a lifestyle choice," says John. "How does choosing to cycle change how one thinks about one's community?"

Cycling in Wichita is less a blog about reviews of equipment and practical advice on cycling than it is about John's reflections on how cycling can change a person's state of mind, with a little advocacy thrown in.

Drop by and give those cyclists in the heartland a hello. Cycling in Wichita, Kansas.

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Thursday, July 31, 2008
  Bike world news
By Yokota Fritz 
Ron in Cincinnati, Ohio publishes Bike World News. Ron focuses mainly on UCI Pro Tour racing, but he also look at cycling culture, technology and new products. His latest post, for example, is on one of my favorite road bikes, the Specialized Roubaix SL2. He even writes of the Roubaix that it has that "perfect balance of stiffness and vertical compliance." What else do you need to know about a bike?

Bike World News.


Friday, June 20, 2008
  New Orleans by bike
By Yokota Fritz 
Kate Drabinski in New Orleans has a delightful blog: What I Saw Riding My Bike Around Today. She rides her bike around New Orleans, photographing the people, the scenery, and the activities of post-Katrina NOLA and posts them online.


Wednesday, June 18, 2008
  Father and son to trace ancestors trails by bike
By Yokota Fritz 
Matt Stewart and his dad David are going on a bike trip this summer through Eastern Europe in search of family roots. They plan to trace the travels of Jewish relatives who fled Europe for New York in the first part of the 20th century. Starting in Warsaw and ending in Odessa, it'll be a physically and emotionally demanding trip traveling a part of the world his ancestors fled in fear decades ago. Not a bad ride either when you consider Matt's dad is 57 years old.

See Stewart Bike Trip: Odessa or bust for the tale of their journey.


Thursday, June 12, 2008
  Bicycle blogs
By Yokota Fritz 
I don't remember if I've mentioned The CyclePig yet. He has good stuff. Go check him out.

Other Bicycle Blogs that I don't think I've mentioned before.

Vik's Big Dummy is all about pictures of people riding the Surly Big Dummy.

Charlotte in Boston blogs as Chic Cyclist and posts photos of women in short skirts riding their bikes around her town.

Sub 20 OLH. Because he wants to do Old La Honda Road on the San Francisco Peninsula in less than 20 minutes, which puts him in a different class than me; I'm the guy holding the flashing rear end device red lantern at the back of the train. The record for OLH is something like 15 minutes I think.

Hayduke Bikes blogs from Santa Cruz. He's one of those bearded dudes who's been riding bikes since before I was born.

Chris Cowan is another Bay Area cyclist.

Sabine Duke blogs to Bella Babble. She's a cyclist in Santa Cruz and also a good photographer.

Empathy Test wants to ride his bicycle more.

Lego Andy is another Bay Area cyclist with things to write about cycling.

Random Dreams is my former riding partner in Colorado and a good friend.

I've mentioned CycleDog a plenty, but today you need to see his special announcement from a sponsor.


Tuesday, May 27, 2008
  Norcal bicycle blogs that you read
By Yokota Fritz 
On the survey, I asked what northern California bicycle blogs you visited. Personally, I think of NorCal is the region north of the San Francisco Bay Area and Sacramento, but in common usage the SF Bay Area and even the Monterey Bay area are included -- I see a lot of Nor*Cal logos on trucks and surfboards around Santa Cruz, for instance. For Cyclelicious I'll use the common usage because, frankly, there aren't that many people in Chico, Redding, Eureka and Arcata, California.

Here are the blogs you mentioned:

Elsewhere in California

  • Somebody mentioned that Commute By Bike covers cycling as transportation in the South Bay, and that's because I'm a contributor there.

  • Somebody also mentioned C.I.C.L.E., which is a very good resource that I follow in Los Angeles.
There are, of course, several others in Northern California and elsewhere around the Golden State. Feel free to post links to your favorites and your own blogs in the comments!

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Wednesday, May 07, 2008
  Thank you for taking the survey
By Yokota Fritz 
Thank you to all of you who took the Cyclelicious survey. I'll look over the responses over the weekend. I really appreciate that you've given me your thoughts about Cyclelicious and I really appreciate the encouragement that several of you gave.

I've selected a winner and sent notification this evening. I used a random number generator from to select from among the email addresses that were entered.

Thanks again!

I'm fairly busy this week, so I'll direct your attention to a new bike blog I ran across: Cycle Pig. CyclePig is Pete, and his site is not about racing or the serious side of cycling; it’s about how to have fun on a bike. Whether you are a recreational cyclist or long distance cycle tourer you will find hints and tips that will help you get more out of your cycling.


Sunday, April 27, 2008
  Bicycling to the Beijing Olympics
By Yokota Fritz 
14 people are traveling on their bicycles to the Beijing Olympics. They started in Olympia, Greece last February and will travel across Greece, Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and China before their planned arrival on August 8 in time for the start of the 2008 Summer Olympics. This group are blogging about their adventures on


Tuesday, April 15, 2008
  The bike blog quiz
By Yokota Fritz 
In honor of the 400th post to his QuickRelease blog, Carlton created the bike blog quiz. See if you can beat my 90% score on the Bike Blog Quiz.


Thursday, April 10, 2008
  Over 500,000 children's head injuries are recorded each year!
By Yokota Fritz 
So protect your child and buy this product TODAY before it's too late.

I can see a legitimate need for that product (children with special needs, bruising disorders and so forth), but the extra padding for everyday children seems a bit much.

Something I keep meaning to mention is Cozy Beehive. Ron, the author of Cozy Beehive, is a mechanical engineer, avid cyclist, and a Category 4 racer. He's been blogging about bikes for a couple of years now but I first noticed Cozy Beehive a few months ago. I've bookmarked a whole pile of pages from his blog intending to link to them in posts here from Cyclelicious, but pretty much all of his posts are good so just go visit his blog and subscribe to his feed already.

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Wednesday, March 19, 2008
  The bike newbie
By Yokota Fritz 
Ray Niekamp is The Bike Noob. This 50-something journalism professor at Texas State University in San Marcos, TX got into road biking after his wife completed a local charity ride. Ray bought a new bike, got some clipless pedals, and last November completed his first metric century after only a few shorts months on the bike.

Ray is a professional writer, and I like the way he breaks down biking jargon into something any newbie can understand. His article about saddles, for example, is probably among the best I've seen about saddle selection and comfort. I think the bike industry should hire Ray to rewrite some of their user manuals and other consumer material.

Besides his desire to help out other bike newbies, Professor Ray has an academic research interest in blogs and how news organizations use blogs to supplement their mainstream media efforts. He tells me, "It occurred to me that having my own blog will allow me to understand blogging better. I failed last year in my first attempt at blogging -- no focus -- so I thought finding a narrow topic to write on would improve my blog readership."

If you know somebody new to cycling, point them to Ray's Bike Noob blog. The Bike Noob is well worth reading for the old grizzled vets among us, too. Check it out: The Bike Noob in San Marcos, Texas.


Friday, March 14, 2008
  Bicycle repair videos
By Yokota Fritz 
Alex is the Bicycle Tutor. He's a bike mechanic in Vancouver, BC, and he posts bike repair and maintenance video tutorials to his blog. Very helpful stuff! Go see the Bicycle Tutor for bike care tips and instruction.

Which reminds me: I need to change the chain on my road bike. I have 1500 miles on my current chain (10 speed) and it's already stretched. At $50 a pop, those 10 speed chains are not cheap.


Wednesday, February 27, 2008
  Lucas Brunelle in Sweden
By Yokota Fritz 
I'm a fan of Lucas Brunelle's alleycat cycling videos. Here he is in Stockholm, Sweden.

I found this at Pierre Requiroule's blog, where he writes: "Complètement malade et ça ressemble à une compilation de ce qu’on peut faire de pire à vélo." That's French for "These guys are freakin' maniacs on bikes!" Those Swedes sure like their car horns, and those articulated buses look scary.

And I love the name of Pierre's blog, which is "Tant de belles choses à vélo." That's French for "Cyclelicious" :-)

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008
  Google AdSense TOS change -- publish your privacy policy
By Yokota Fritz 
Those of you who visit my cycling blog no doubt have noticed that I participate in Google's AdSense program, and I know several other bloggers also use Google AdSense.

Google has recently updated their terms and conditions for using their AdSense program. When you log in to AdSense to see how many pennies you've made for the day, you'll be asked to accept or reject the new terms.

For most bloggers, the most important change has to do with posting a privacy policy that clearly discloses that third parties (such as Google AdSense) may be placing and reading cookies on your users’ browser, or using web beacons to collect information, in the course of ads being served on your website. Your privacy policy should also include information about user options for cookie management.

You can borrow the text of my privacy policy if you like. In my opinion, it mostly follows Google's privacy notice requirement, though as of this writing it doesn't yet contain information about cookie management. "User options for cookie management" means mentioning that web browsers allow you to disable and delete "cookies" with text like this:
"Cookies" are data sent to your web browser from a web server (such as Google) that can uniquely identify your computer and store information about user preferences. Most web browsers will accept cookies by default, but they can be set to reject cookies, either from all websites or from specific sites. You can also manually delete cookies from your web browser. These options are generally set through a "Privacy" setting in your browser setup.
I'm not a lawyer, and this advice is worth about what you paid for it. For most people, the easiest way to meet the Google AdSense TOS privacy requirement is to write a blog post with your privacy policy and then change your home page template to point to that blog post permalink page.

20080218 052
Gerolsteiner riders in Sausalito; photo by me.


Friday, February 15, 2008
  Robert Hurst's blog
By Yokota Fritz 

Robert Hurst is the guy who wrote The Art of Urban Cycling, which is now just called The Art of Cycling. He has his own website / blog up now at Industrialized Cyclist. Besides his blog on (mostly) biycle stuff, he has a nice section on bicycle accident and safety statistics -- check out that URL if you want a clue about how he feels about this research... :-)

His book, by the way, is about the best I've read on practical city cycling. Robert covers it all -- if you haven't read his book, I highly recommend it (and not just because Amazon will throw a few dimes at me if you buy the book...)


Tuesday, February 12, 2008
  Bicycle blog
By Yokota Fritz is a new blog directory that promises to help you "find better blogs." Their directory of bicycle blogs looks pretty good -- all listed bicycle blogs that I'm familiar with are worthwhile and I intend to check the others out.

I might just be writing this because they gave me a favorable mention in the directory, of course.

Amy the marketing person stroked my ego with this email: "Our editors recently reviewed your blog and have given it an 8.6 (GREAT) score out of (10). Your blog is currently in the top ten in the Sports / Cycling category of This is quite an achievement!" I'm so easy to manipulate, I know.

If you need more bicycle blogs to read, take a look at's cycling directory of blogs. You can see my own bicycle blog directory here.


Friday, February 08, 2008
  650B news site started
By Yokota Fritz 
Crooked Cog Networks has started the 650B website to covers news, rumors (unsubstantiated and otherwise), and reviews of 650B mountain bikes.

Expect 650B news posted to from NAHBS this weekend, where 650B bicycles from Ahren, Pacenti, Ventana, DeSalvo, Engin, Moots, Sycip and others will be shown.


Friday, January 25, 2008
  Fiji bicycle club
By Yokota Fritz 
For all the folks from Fiji reading this blog, here's the blog for the Velocity Cycling and Multi Sport Club in Fiji.


Monday, December 17, 2007
  Bicycle blog link dump
By Yokota Fritz 
Bicycle news from around the world of bicycle blogs.


  Bay Area bicycle blogs
By Yokota Fritz 
Somebody on the Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition discussion list asked about bicycle blogs in the San Francisco Bay Area. Besides my own Cyclelicious, here are the ones I know about (below the photo).

Market Street cyclist getting the squeeze
I know I'm missing some. What other Bay Area bike blogs are out there? Comment here and I'll add the link to the list. I hope everybody is enjoying the rain today in the Bay Area.

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Tuesday, November 20, 2007
  Introducing Carl in Longmont
By Yokota Fritz 
Carl is a member of Bicycle Longmont in Longmont, Colorado, where he's active in the local Safe Routes to School program at his school. The Longmont and St. Vrain Valley School District Safe Routes to School program is among the most successful in the United States, with up to 90% participation at one of the schools.

Carl now has a blog: Getinlost in..., which I'm obligated to link to because he posted a bicycle haiku.

Via Carl's blog I also found the Alex Draude's Straight Chain blog about fixie riding in Kyoto and other areas in Japan.

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  Where in the world is OIFS?
By Yokota Fritz 
Many of you probably remember Jim's Oil Is For Sissies blog. Many of you lamented his decision to retire that blog.

Many of you apparently also know that he's returned with Oil Is For Sissies V3.5, AKA "pinhole photography and other diversions." I didn't know. But now I do.


  Lynskey bicycle blog
By Yokota Fritz 
Join me in welcoming Lynskey Performance Bikes to the world of bicycle blogs. The Art of Custom Bicycles is the new blog for Lynskey Performance Bicycles, which creates custom titanium bikes that are beautiful works of art. They plan to feature all kinds of custom bicycles. I've subscribed to their RSS feed and I'm looking forward to their contributions to the blogosphere.

This is just me because I'm kind of dorky, but at Lynskey's display at Interbike, my personal favorite was their titanium cruiser bike, which rides like a dream.

Lynskey titanium cruiser bicycle

Props to Herbert of Guerrilla Communication.


Friday, October 19, 2007
  Top 100 lifestyle blogs
By Yokota Fritz 
I'm so honored! Cyclelicious made the cut in the Top 100 Lifestyle blogs.

Top 100 Lifestyle Blog.

I have my own top 100 list (of a sort). There are so many good bicycling blogs out there to follow!


  Bicycle blogs and news
By Yokota Fritz 
There's a lot of worthwhile stuff in the bicycle blogosphere to read up on if you haven't already. Here's some of the news for your weekend entertainment and education.
Photo by Maynard Rabara.


Thursday, October 11, 2007
  Bicycle news for mobile devices
By Yokota Fritz 
I just ran across this Cyclelicious Mobile Widget from Plusmo. The Mobile Widget is a piece of software for your cell phone or other mobile device that sends Cyclelicious content to your phone, automatically.

I'm not a user of small mobile technology -- in fact, my cell phone died about 3 weeks ago and I have yet to replace it. I know of at least one regular reader who does much of his blog reading on a mobile device. What should I do to make Cyclelicious friendlier to cell phones and similar mobile gadgets?


Monday, October 08, 2007
By Yokota Fritz 
Carectomy is a new blog and web resource for people who want to experiment with extracting cars from people. Carectomy focuses on non-car transportation issues, including bicycling, public transportation and even gasp! walking.

Carectomy is part of the Ecogeek network. Check it out: Carectomy.


Sunday, October 07, 2007
  Proximic - context based links for your website
By Yokota Fritz 
If you visit Cyclelicious you might have noticed I've added a small "Prox It" widget near the top of the web page. This widget from the small Germany start-up Proximic examines the content of your website, does some pattern matching and pops up what it thinks are related news items, Wikipedia articles, websites and products. If you have a moment, please try it out and let me know if you think the results are relevant or interesting. I'm especially interested in knowing if there's any benefit for you, the Cyclelicious reader. Javascript must be enabled on your browser for this to work. Thanks!


Monday, October 01, 2007
  The bloggers of Interbike
By Yokota Fritz 
Here are some of the Interbike 2007 bloggers. I had a great time meeting up with all of these wonderful people. Most of them have Interbike updates so be sure to visit their blogs.

Tim Grahl of the Crooked Cog Network.
Tim Grahl rides a Dahon

Raleigh brand manager Carey writes the Raleigh Commuters and Raleigh Bicycles blogs.
Carey photo

Dave "The Fred" Bernstein: The FredCast and The Spokesman.
Dave "The Fred" Bernstein

Mark aka Guitar Ted: Guitar Ted Productions.
Guitar Ted

Brad Q: Urban Velo Magazine with Tim Grahl.
Brad Q and Tim Grahl

Byron & friends are Bike Huggers.
Team Bike Hugger

Brian is the Industry Outsider.
Brian from

Carlton Reid: and BikeBiz.
Carlton Reid produces video

Chipps & Mark: Singletrack blog.

Tim "Masiguy" Jackson and Donna "Kryptogal" Tocci.
Tim "Masiguy" Jackson and Donna Tocci of Kryptonite

Rich Kelly
and Tim Jackson.
Rich Kelly and Tim Jackson

Carlton Reid and Rich Kelly
Carlton Reid and Rich Kelly

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Thursday, September 13, 2007
  Good life cyclist
By Yokota Fritz 
Mike the cyclist commutes 24 miles from Centennial, Colorado to Lakewood. He recently started spreading the good word about cycling on Good Life Cyclist, where he shares all things good about riding a bicycle in Colorado.

Mike enjoys mountain biking in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. "I call the foothills my backyard playground," he writes. "From my house I can ride 20 to 30 minutes and explore Green Mountain, Red Rocks Park, Mount Falcon and Lair Of The Bear. I loop these all together for a 40 mile training ride."

Regarding his commute, Mike writes, "I love it - this is my main way to get in the training hours while still doing something I have to anyway (get to work) and saves gas, wear and tear on the car. However the money I have been spending on bicycle gear might balance out the gas savings."

What is he training for?
My main cycling goal right now is to train, prepare and finish the Great Divide Race in 2008. The Great Divide Mountain Bike Route (aka GDMBR) was put together by Adventure Cycling and is the longest off-pavement bike route in the world. It crosses the continental divide a total of 27 times. Its total length is 2,490 miles starting in Montana at the Canadian border and finishing in New Mexico at the Mexican border.

The route is the longest and most challenging off road bicycle tour in the world. It is the Holy Grail of the mountain bike world. My goal is to complete it in under 20 days. The record is 15 days 4 hours and 18 minutes. Only 5 people have ever completed this in under 20 days.
Mike, as a television commercial producer, plans to record his experience of the Great Divide Race 2008 and produce a documentary. Check out Good Life Cyclist.

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Tuesday, September 04, 2007
  Almost famous
By Yokota Fritz 
"High Five!" photo by Timothy J.

WIRED Blog linked to Cyclelicious over the weekend, which is always good for a few extra hits on the old website. Thank you to whoever forwarded that link to them.

I also really appreciate those who link to Cyclelicious. Over the past 10 days or so, you are: Interbike is just three weeks away. I'll be there on behalf of Tim Grahl's Crooked Cog Network and Commute By Bike, but I'll post plenty of yummy bike porn and updates on a daily basis here also. Watch this space for Interbike updates.

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Friday, August 17, 2007
  Cycle Chic
By Yokota Fritz 
"Cycle Chick" is the clever name of Zakka's cycling blog that shows what real transportational cycling looks like.

Bicycle blog collection

21st Century Citizen asks "Drive? or Bike?" with a bunch of "if only" conditions. "I'd bike if only there were bike lanes, if only gas were $10/gallon, if only I worked from home, if only there were more local stores, if only there were corporate leadership showing the way." Don't wait for Obama or Clinton or W or Halliburton to lead you by the hand, just get out and do it. Be the change you want. Via Paul.

Bicycle Design reports on the HyperBike: a huge contraption that solves a lot of non-problems.

Andreas Kloden jumps ship.

The cost of physical inactivity calculator. Via.

Dave Moulton posts another excellent article about practical cycling, this time on positioning for comfort and efficiency.

Litespeed quits blogging?

Sartorialist: another bike fashion photo.

Mountain biking: Why riser bars?.

Chris Horner and straight talk on doping in le Tour.

Sue in Chambana wants bike bloggers to brainstorm on bike product ideas. Leave a comment at her blog with your ideas.

Bob Roll visits a bike shop.

Noah in Kansas City asks what to do about the scooter that uses "his" bike rack.

Kim rants about some of the cyclists she shares the road with.

CBB: Simplify your life with the simple bike commute.


Saturday, August 11, 2007
  International Gwadzilla Blog Week!
By Yokota Fritz 
In the world of Bicycle Blogs, Gwadzilla is king of the mountain. King Gwadzilla says vote for the Gwadzilla blog at I'm glad to give my vote to Gwadzilla! He always posts cool photos and interesting commentary about cycling in Washington, D.C.

Bicycle blog link love

I'll mention the bicycle blogs that have linked to Cyclelicious over the past week:


Friday, August 03, 2007
  Bicycle blog link love
By Yokota Fritz 
Link to Cyclelicious and earn some authority. Here are the cycling blogs that have linked to Cyclelicious over the past couple of weeks. Remember, you must ping Technorati if you want me to find you!

Biggest Spoke Card Ever. Photo by Jym Dyer in San Francisco. Here's another view.


Thursday, August 02, 2007
  Minneapolis bicycle blogs
By Yokota Fritz 
Update: According to Bike Boldly, numerous bikeways and bike access to bridges have been indefinitely closed due to the I35W bridge collapse. The city of Minneapolis announced these road and bridge closures that impact cyclists:
Closed between 13th Ave S to 1st St S
Local access only between 11th Ave and 13th Ave S
Local access between 4th St and 1st St S

Closed between 8th Ave SE to 11th Ave SE
Local access between 3rd Ave SE and 8th Ave SE
Local access only on 11th Ave SE between University Ave and 2nd St SE

Closed until further notice

Closed until further notice
Minneapolis area bicycle bloggers comment on the bridge collapse. Other Minneapolis region blogging bikers of note:

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Friday, July 20, 2007
  Five facts from Fritz
By Yokota Fritz 
I've been tagged, so I'm privileged to give five random facts about myself. I'm short on time so I'll be quick.
  1. I was the last kid in the neighborhood to learn to ride a bike! I lived in San Diego, California, I was seven years old and I couldn't ride a bike. My younger brother taught me how to ride.

  2. My very earliest memory is that of my father returning home from the Vietnam war. I was three years old and distinctly remember sitting in an upstairs room of my grandmother's ryokan (Japanese inn) when I saw a taxi pull up with my dad inside.

  3. As you can infer from Random Fact Number 2, I'm half Japanese. The only place I've had problems with overt racism was in Omaha, Nebraska. I was in kindergarten and older kids regularly called me names and shouted at me to "Go back to China!" My usual clever retort was "I'm not Chinese, I'm Japanese." That's when they'd laugh and push me down. I hated school. I still don't care to visit the U.S. Midwest.

  4. 2001 was a year of disasters for me. My house burned down, my favorite puppy was killed by a car in the aftermath, a devastating tornado then wiped out much of my town, medical bills for my daughter's birth defect were piling up, I lost my job, 9/11 happened, and I ended up moving out of the state for a new job. In all the chaos, I somehow never got around to filing my 2000 income taxes. I remember now that I filed the extension, thinking I'd get to it later but then I forgot all about it. The IRS got around to reminding me about eight weeks ago, with a friendly letter saying by their calculations I owe at least $40,000 in back taxes, fines, penalties and interest.

  5. I preach tolerance and diversity on Cyclelicious, but in reality I'm a bike snob. I'm loathe to touch anything besides a reasonable quality road bike.

Who can I pick that's a little different?


Monday, July 16, 2007
  Bicycle link love
By Yokota Fritz 
Here are the blogs that have linked to Cyclelicious over the past week or two, so I'm returning the love.

Please feel free to comment if I skipped you and I'll add you to the list.


Friday, June 29, 2007
  iPhone, Web 2.0 and the wetwear interface
By Yokota Fritz
When I describe the line of people waiting for the iPhone outside of the Palo Alto Apple Store, the usual reaction is along the lines of "Why?" Many of the enthusiasts were in line to be the first to have the coolest new technology toy. Some probably thought they could make some money on eBay or Craigslist.

But I think most of the people got in line for the social interaction. I asked technology pundit Robert Scoble why he was number one in line with his son. Surely he could easily get one with the connections he has within the technology industry. He told me he came to meet and greet the creative geniuses of Silicon Valley, and he purposely came to the Palo Alto Apple store because he figured most of us would be there rather than San Francisco or San Jose.

I also joined the line specifically to meet people I knew I would like. The guy in the red shirt is Ken Conley. He lives on the San Francisco Peninsula somewhere, he blogs about bikes and he takes gorgeous cycling photos. We've left comments on each blogs at times and communicated by email, but I enjoyed a serendipitous personal encounter with Ken -- not online, but in the Apple line in Palo Alto.

There's Bruce, who owns a small Palo Alto software company. He had fun handing out free snowcones and Segway rides to anybody who wanted one. Bruce is a guy with a lot of fun energy; the guy is a real kick.

Another high-energy fun guy is Kris Tate, founder of Zooomr, a photo sharing service. Kris and his team provided a live video stream for 30 hours from the queue.

And check out "Shooby". He's a 15-year-old guy who walks around every day with a web cam strapped to his head. His daily life is streamed constantly his website. The kid has an amazing number of friends, both online and in the meatworld. Amazingly enough, somebody even found this blog because I mentioned Cyclelicious to Shooby while I was on camera! And then this Canadian even added me to his blogroll as a result of my appearance on Shooby's video feed.

Another technology VIP in line was technology VIP Kentaro Ejima. If you're not Japanese you probably don't know him, but he's very well known in Japan. Think of him as the nihonjin Robert Scoble, with an influential blog. He's also the creator of the cleverly named Lingr chat service.

Other big names were there, too: Steve Jobs showed up right at 6 p.m. Brian Solis drops some of the other huge names who were in Palo Alto. The point is, Geekfests like the iPhone introduction are a great way to meet people, exchange email addresses and URLs and have a great time with a lot of different people.

See my iPhone photoset @ Flickr.


Monday, June 18, 2007
  Open Thread: Break from bicycle blogging
By Yokota Fritz 
Just a quick note that I'm taking a break from Cyclelicious and other blog activity this week. For interesting reading, see everybody who links to Cyclelicious. Over the past three or four weeks that includes Roger in St. Louis, Paul in Davis, Donna in Boston, Frank in Illinois, somebody in Sioux City, TJ in Memphis, Rich in DC, Carlton in the UK, Phil in Portland, Dave somewhere in SoCal and Sue in Chambana.

If that's not enough for you, here's my entire blogroll of bicycle blogs.

Feel free to put links to your own bicycling blog in the comments.


Wednesday, May 09, 2007
  Toronto cyclist assault: It was a cop
By Yokota Fritz 
Remember that road rage incident that was caught on video? The assailant, Darius Tierman, was identified and arrested. It turns out Constable Darius Tierman is a 21-year veteran on the Toronto Police Force. He's been charged with assault causing bodily harm and has been released on $5000 bail, along with an order to -- get this -- continue psychiatric care.

The cyclist, Andre Sokol, seems pretty mellow about the whole thing: "Tell [Tierman] this from my heart. I'm telling you this from my heart. I feel sorry for him and ... tell him I said God bless him.

You've noticed by now a couple of posts from my long-time friend John Ardelli. We've known each other in the online realm for a few years now, mostly through the ICEBIKE mailing list. John lives, works, and cycles in Sydney, Nova Scotia. He's very enthusiastic and positive about everything he's involved in. He actually filled in for me a few times on Cyclelicious previously, and I'm glad to see him back. John also blogs at The Pedaling Prince.

Why "The Pedaling Prince?" The name originated with an article for The Atlantic Pedaler. They profiled John as "Commuter of the Month" for March/April 2006. They called him "The Pedaling Prince of Sydney." Shortly after, Rides Captain Jaques Cote of Velo Cape Breton started calling him that. The name stuck. :)

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Friday, May 04, 2007
  Greenville SC Bike To Work Day
By Yokota Fritz 
James the Bicycle Design Guy is the advocacy chairman for his local cycling club in Greenville, South Carolina. James started Bike Greenville to keep local cyclists up to date on cycling goings on in Greenville.

Currently, he's busy putting together Bike To Work Day activities in Greenville by organizing breakfast stations, publishing posters and other publicity, and otherwise encouraging people to ride their bikes to work on Friday, May 18 2007.

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Thursday, April 12, 2007
  Kryptonite blog
By Yokota Fritz 
Donna Tocci, the wonderfully positive marketing manager for Kryptonite Locks, has started an official Kryptonite Locks blog: Unbreakable Bonds.

Donna promises we'll also hear from Kryptonite's general manager Dwight as well as from her boss, Karen. I'm looking forward to seeing good things there.

I own a mix of bike locks, but I'm a big fan of Kryptonite and Kryptonite's Evolution Mini is my favorite.


Monday, March 26, 2007
  Raleigh's Carey Schleicher-Haselhorst
By Yokota Fritz 
Carey Schleicher-Haselhorst is the brand-new marketing coordinator for Raleigh USA, and she blogs! Although a number of Raleigh employees contribute to Raleigh Commutes, Carey is the initiator and the main voice behind that blog. Carey is an enthusiastic cyclist, but she was kind enough to devote some time for an interview about her blogging and Raleigh's plans for 2007.
Carey of Raleigh on a fixed gear bicycleCarey Schleicher-Haselhorst is the marketing coordinator for Raleigh USA.

On Raleigh's reaction to her blogging: Tim Jackson at Masi has gained some notoreity with his "ask forgiveness later" model of blogging about his employer. Carey, it turns out, did the same thing: She created the Raleigh blogs first, then she proposed them to management. "Getting management to buy-in was not very difficult," says Carey. "I convinced Raleigh that there needed to be a personal voice behind the corporation, reaching out to our consumers, dealers, and industry folk. Personally, I find value in having a human voice connected to a company. The ability to validate your passions, ethics, humor, lifestyle, and beliefs by relating with the people of the company you buy into is such a positive thing, not only from a business standpoint, but also from a human one."

Why should Raleigh have a blog presence? "I started the Raleigh Commutes blog in hopes to raise an awareness of the thoughts and feelings that are generated as we (the employees) ride, and to encourage others to share them. I believe in sharing stories; it somehow validates one’s decisions and gives them a sense of accomplishment. Plus, riding a bike to get around is a huge part of how I exist and it’s my hope that through these stories it will encourage others to jump on a bicycle within Raleigh and throughout the world."

On city bikes for commuting & transportation: "Our hopes are high in regards to addressing this growing market. It’s amazing how the commuting/comfort rider has been ignored for the past 5 years due to the overwhelming sales in road bikes, or as it’s sometimes called: the “Lance Bike Boom.” This boom is starting to slow and people are more interested in bikes as eco-friendly means of transportation or as a way to have fun with friends: getting to the coffee shop, socializing, hitting the beach, etc. Teaming up with Shimano, our Coasting bike for 2007 is an attempt to welcome these “non-riders” into the bike world by providing a bike that has a 100% fun/style factor and a 0% intimidation factor – no Lycra, no competition, no training, just pure fun.

"We are also looking at the rise in “commuter” numbers and starting to spec select bikes with fenders, racks, and bells. We all know how the story goes – bicycle commuting numbers rose this past year due to oil prices; it seems people finally kept their keys hanging on the wall at home and grabbed their bikes instead. I’m guessing these riders realized that riding a bike to work was not only beneficial to their bank account and to the environment, but to their physical and mental health as well. So, bike commuters and comfort riders are definitely playing a large role in moving the current bike market, which is incredibly encouraging. As my boss Reed Pike says, “The bicycle is the answer to the world’s problems.” With this in mind, Raleigh offers bicycles that are 100% commuter friendly directly off the shelf. Our hope is to get the potential new commuter excited about riding and to provide top-notch bicycles to the experienced commuter looking to upgrade. The end result, we hope, will be streets filled with bikes rather than cars. Notice that I end all my answers with optimism; bikes are awesome and I hope that everyone involved in this culture and industry believes the same and carries the same optimism."

What has been the reaction to Raleigh Coasting and other "comfort" bikes from Raleigh distributors and bike shops? "The Raleigh Coasting bikes have been received with such great excitement that we have already sold out of our first production run. Coasting bikes should hit dealer floors this week (03.26.07), which will be a relief to the dealers, as demand has definitely increased consumer traffic. I encourage everyone (and I mean everyone) to at least take a test spin on these bikes; they are super cool, relaxed, and stylish. Our dealers are extremely excited to be part of this movement and we are as well."

I'm looking forward to more of what Carey and her co-workers at Raleigh have to write over at Raleigh Commutes.

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  Raleigh bicycle blogs
By Yokota Fritz 
Bloggers who work for Raleigh Bicycles are now blogging about their bikes and about bike stuff in general. I like what I see so far:

Raleigh Commuters: Our stories of the daily addiction.

Raleigh Bicycles blog.

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Saturday, March 24, 2007
  Fitness tips for cyclists
By Yokota Fritz 
Jesper Therkildsen coaches junior riders for the Danish national team. Because of his interest in cycling training and exercise physiology, Jesper is now a medical student at the University of Aarhus.

He now shares his knowledge of exercise physiology through his blog, Cycling Training Tips. I asked Jesper a few questions about his cycling background and how cyclists and other athletes can benefit from reading his fitness tips for cyclists.

Denmark is famous for its cycling culture. Is there much recreational road riding there in the style of much American road cycling?

Denmark is a good place for recreational cyclists and there are many great roads to ride. Also Denmark is very flat, making it easier for a broad range of cyclists to ride quite fast. Since Bjarne Riis won the Tour de France back in 1996 there have been a great increment in the number of roadcyclists in Denmark.

Why should cyclists read "Cycling Training Tips"? What type of audience benefits the most from your blog?

When serious mtb and road cyclists spend more than 10 hours per week on training, they do it because they have some goals to achieve. I hope that I can make the road to their goals shorter, smoother or at least more enjoyable. By getting some knowledge about basic exercise physiology, training planning and interval training, there is a good chance that they can improve their performance without spending more time or energy on their cycling.

Cyclists at all level from beginners to pro cyclists can benefit from learning how a power meter works and how to train intervals. Clever training is not rocket science, but I try to get more scientific approach into cycling training since there too many myths out in the cycling clubs about how we should train. The tips you get out in the clubs are almost never evidence based knowledge, but often just an old fellow telling stories about how he won races in the 70's.

My power meter project shows that strong cyclists can benefit from a structured training program with significant improvements after only 6 weeks training. These cyclists are absolutely not un-trained, what make these results even more impressing.

Would other athletes benefit? Do you know, for example, of runners, skiers or other fitness enthusiasts who read or link to Cycling Training Tips?

All endurance athletes can benefit from the basic principles about training, recovery, nutrition etc. Actually most athletes can benefit from a structured, well-planned training program. I think we will see more academic coaches in the future.

What type of cycling do you enjoy?

I do some road cycling in the summer time just for fun. I work as a coach for a couple of mtb and road cyclists. I think it is a lot more fun to see them make results than watching pro cycling. I do watch the Tour de France and Paris-Roubaix (cool race!), but the rest of the year I don't watch cycling on TV.

Read Cycling Training Tips for fitness tips for cyclists.

See also Jesper's Power Meter Project.

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Wednesday, February 28, 2007
  Tinker Juarez blog
By Yokota Fritz 
Tinker Juarez has a blog. His Blogger profile says it all: "Professional Cyclist for 34 Years - Endurance, Cross Country, Mountain Bike, Epic Riding; Loves pain; BMX Hall of Fame; MTB Hall of Fame; 2 time US Olympian; Top 10 3 times in World XC Championship; 4 time 24 Hour MTB National Champion; 3 time National XC Champion; 3rd place in RAAM 2006; Father of Joshua in 2006."

Tinker Juarez also has his official website, and his Garage Sale blog lists bikes, bars, shoes, and schwag that he has for sale.

Found via byronius.


Tuesday, February 20, 2007
  It's all about me
By Yokota Fritz 
Kim @ London Cycling Diary interviewed me. Potential stalkers can read all about me here.

Sorry about the lack of posts. I was in Sacramento yesterday during Stage 2 of the Amgen Tour of California. I can lie and tell you I was there for the bicycle race, but I was actually passing through with my son's boy scout troop returning from a snow ski trip.

For a nice looking cycling site, visit Cycling Mob. Cycling Mob is an online community dedicated to cycling with info on training, bike gear, tips, photos, bike advocacy and more.

Danielo rants a little about the zombie hordes of fair weather cyclists. I know the feeling.

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Thursday, February 15, 2007
  KHS Bicycle Blog
By Yokota Fritz 
KHS Bicycles now has a blog, the KHS Times. The main blogger there, Henry H, is the sales and marketing guy for KHS fitness and folding bikes. Henry commutes to his office in Los Angeles on a KHS folding bike.

The KHS Times is a real blog, complete with a real human name, comments and even trackbacks!

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Wednesday, February 14, 2007
  Columbus Ohio Bicycle Commute
By Yokota Fritz 
Jamie in Columbus, Ohio hates to drive. Jamie is an environmentalist. Jamie, who believes fitness is important, also wants to be a good role model for his son.

"I got absolutely tired of walking into work stressed out, angry and frustrated," he says, regarding his car commute. Jamie also "figured that the best way to be an environmentalist is to practice what I preach."

So Jamie talked about riding a bike. When he got a Specialized Expedition Sport comfort bike as a gift last November, he started commuting by bike almost immediately. Soon after, he started his Bike Commuting in Columbus blog.

"My first commute was during a warm spell in November along the bike path. I was in my work clothes and the path was just a tad wet, and I didn't have any fenders on my bike. So I got to work and had a slight stripe running up my arse. Luckily I'm a computer programmer so I don't have to get up too often. I started using wet-weather gear more often after that."

I asked Jamie about the advice he might offer to beginner bike commutes. "Ask around first about things you might need to know or have. Don't go into it without doing some research, or a bad experience might get you back behind the wheel before you've experienced a real good commute. One thing that benefited me was buying a really good book on the topic of urban biking and making sure that I was prepared. The book was Urban Bikers' Tricks & Tips."

Jamie has continued his bicycle commute through the winter. "I've never thought about giving up. The hardest thing to get used to was the traffic situation, but when I first rode in traffic I realized that most drivers around here were more afraid of me than I was of them. I enjoyed it too much, and I still feel very strongly about practicing what I preach. I love being outside in the elements, and I won't lie when I say that I get a private kick out of seeing the looks on the faces of my co-workers when I come in with all my bike stuff on and they look at me like I'm crazy, especially on mornings like today when there was 6" of snow on the ground when I came rolling in."

Bike Commuting in Columbus: Check it out.

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Saturday, February 10, 2007
  Cyclelicious feeds in multiple languages
By Yokota Fritz 
First of all, give a shout out to my buddy Aaron of There's a humorous article about Unibet's "Riddler" outfits.

Through the magic of computer translation and Yahoo Pipes, I now provide feeds for this blog in Japanese, German, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Korean, Spanish and French. U.S. English, of course, is still available.

This translation is done using Yahoo's Babelfish computer translation service, which means the text will be awkward but it can help with understanding. At the moment, the French translation doesn't seem to be working. Also, Babelfish limits the amount of text that's translated, so longer Cyclelicious posts will not be translated in the alternate language feeds. If you have a request for something like Greek or Italian, please feel free to comment.

I've been doing some other housekeeping, so that's why you might notice old posts and other oddities popping up in the feeds.

Finally, some cycling stories:

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Monday, February 05, 2007
  Bike stories blog
By Yokota Fritz 
Alan Snel worked on the front lines of daily journalism, working on city newspapers around the USA. After over two decades of this grind, however, he gave it up last summer to do marketing for a chain of five bicycle stores in Tampa, Florida. "It was time for a change and a time to re-charge my batteries."

As Marketing Director for Carrollwood Bicycle Emporium and Oliver's Cycle Sports bike stores, his main job is to organize and promote an annual bicycle festival for the stores and also work on bicycle rights and advocacy issues.

Alan rides more than 10,000 miles a year on the road, though he does plenty of mountain biking, too.

Alan's Bike Stories blog is, he says, "about life I see from the seat of a bicycle. It's the best way to soak in life."

Bike Stories is one year old this month. If you're not yet familiar with this blog, drop by and take a look.

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