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Wednesday, April 29, 2009
  IF Mode folding bike now for sale in USA
By Yokota Fritz 
IF Mode folding bike
The IF-Mode folding bicycle designed by Mark Sanders is now available for purchase in the USA. Winner of the 2008 Eurobike Award, and the 2009 iF Gold Award (along with the Apple iPhone, the Macbook Air and the VW Golf Mk6), the IF-Mode is a rolling, folding work of art and a bike collector’s dream machine.

Production is limited. Orders received by Friday, May 1st will be delivered in June 2009. Orders placed after May 1st will not be available until summer’s end. Be the first to own the world’s most exciting and technically advanced folding bike.

"Most people prefer large wheeled bikes, in part due to ease of pedaling," says designer Mark Sanders. "When I designed the IF-Mode, I thought about combining the benefits of small folders with full size bicycles, keeping in mind the innovation and value people expect from their personal tools. The IF Mode combines large wheels, ease of near instant folding, compactness, and clean design. Like luggage, it rolls anywhere. Its monoblade wheel mountings, enclosed 2 speed transmission and uncluttered aesthetic offer a radical new image of what a bicycle can be."

Go to for more information or to place an order.

Photo of me riding the IF Mode.


Monday, October 06, 2008
  Slovenia bicycle blog
By Yokota Fritz 
Marteja here works with Robert Logie at Big Fish Bicycles in Slovenia.

The Human Business Card

I didn't have a chance to visit their Interbike booth, but caught them on the way out as we left Friday evening. They were out of business cards so Robert and Marteja suggested I take a photo of her back as a human business card.

What caught my eye were the unique folding bicycles they were carrying. I'll write more about them over at Commute By Bike sometime this week (promise!), but they also have a really cute blog called The Big Fish Bike blog. Robert speaks with a thick Slavic accent, but his blog writing is perfect and witty. His English is, in any case, much better than my command of Slovene.

The bikes are not available in North America, but Interbike 2008 was Big Fish's first foray into the American market. Robert tells me dealer interest was strong and they're in talks with a distributor.

The Big Fish Bike blog from Slovenia.


Monday, August 25, 2008
  Chris Hoy tries a new bicycle
By Yokota Fritz 
Scottish track cyclist Chris Hoy rides a folding bike during the Olympic closing ceremony in Beijing.

Olympics - Closing Ceremony

With his three gold medals in Beijing 2008, Chris Hoy is Scotland's most successful Olympian, the first Briton to win three medals in a single Olympic games since Henry Taylor in 1908, and the most successful Olympic male cyclist of all time.

Rich Kelly mentions more about the bike commuter theme of London's part of the show. Victoria Pendleton rode dressed like a messenger and rode a fixie, while Jamie Staff rode a city bike.


Friday, March 09, 2007
  Santa Cruz: $250 discount for folding bicycles
By Yokota Fritz 
Santa Cruz County residents can receive a discount of up to $250 on folding bikes through the Santa Cruz Area Transportation Management Agency. The Santa Cruz Area TMA started the folding bike program yesterday to encourage area resident to ride the bus.

Although Santa Cruz Metro is equipping buses with 3-bike racks, cyclists often miss the bus because the racks are full and must wait for subsequent buses. Folding bicycles can be brought into the bus.

Santa Cruz County area residents are eligible for this program by attending a 2-hour bicycle safety training class. Call the Santa Cruz Area TMA 423-9569 ext. 127 to sign up for a class. Currently, the discount is available only at three Santa Cruz bike shops: the Spokesman (Dahon), Bicycle Trip (Giant), and Sprockets (Trek, Dahon, Breezer). A representative of the Santa Cruz TMA told me that other local bike shops in the county can contact the TMA for details on how to join the program.

The Santa Cruz TMA also offers instant rebates of up to $375 for electric bicycles. Like the folding bike program, purchasers must first attend a two hour bicycle safety class to become eligible for the rebate.

Gene has a good article about the folding bikes program.

Santa Cruz TMA: Folding Bikes Incentive Program

Santa Cruz Sentinel: County launches rebate program for folding bikes.

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Thursday, March 08, 2007
  Circular folding bicycles
By Yokota Fritz 
Coroflot  / folding bicycle concept
Coroflot / folded bicycle
This bike is the "Locust" by designer Josef Cadek.

The circular frame allows for unusual folding. After releasing safety lock nuts, the wheels can be turned into the frame. A belt system mounted on two rollers allows the "chain" to be folded. The rear hub has internal gearing.

The seatpost folds back after pressing the red safety lock. To fold the handlebars, the cyclist turns a safety lock nut on the top of the head set. Bike is equipped with disc brake in the front and the clamshell brake at the back, so the brakes don't block folding of the wheels.

According to the designer, this kind of bike will be welcomed by people in the cities, young people, and students at the campuses. It can be use to good effect in large industrial facilities, airports, and city centers as a rent-bike.

Another use is for multimodal transportation. The commuter can park outside of the city center and then continue riding bike loaded in the trunk. Term "park and ride" will have a new meaning. This also looks perfect to bring on public transportation. The color is a safety feature.

The circular design brings to mind Thomas Owen's One Bike, which is also a folder with wheels that fold into a circular frame.

See thumbnails of more Locust folding bike images here. Seen at



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