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Wednesday, August 26, 2009
  Interbike 2009 fashion show
By Yokota Fritz 
Watch for the second annual Urban Legend Fashion and Art Show, presented by Giant Bicycles, at Interbike 2009 on the show floor, Thursday, September 24 at 5:00 p.m.

Short skirt and bicycle "Interbike uses the Urban Legend Fashion Show to showcase the industry's growing enthusiasm for urban cycling and the exciting products that the segment supports," said Rich Kelly, Interbike marketing manager. "As with all of the products exhibited at Interbike, urban cycling gear and apparel is best appreciated in action."

Instead of a traditional catwalk, a road loop surrounded by bicycle-inspired art will be laid out on the main show floor in hall D of the Sands Expo Center. The Urban Legend audience will gather in and around the loop while models ride through it. The innovative layout allows attendees "front-row seats" to watch the models show off the function and fashion of urban bikes and cycling apparel.

Boy on Bike: Urban Legends Fashion Show Interbike 2008 Las Vegas "We loved what Interbike did with the fashion show last year and thought sponsoring it this year would be a great way for Giant to highlight its new lifestyle products," said Elysa Walk, general manager of Giant Bicycles. "There is a lifestyle boom taking place in the consumer market and Giant wants to be part of it."

Inspired and styled by Momentum Magazine, the Urban Legend Fashion and Art Show will be a celebration of urban sustainability, culture and style. Highlights will include stylish, smart, sexy and professional clothing for every season that fits into everyday life and works great on a bike. Instead of typical athletic shorts and jerseys, models will sport practical urban and casual cycling wear while riding urban, folding, utilitarian and commuting bikes.

To complement the cycling fashion on the runway, cycling-inspired art by a variety of artists will be on display at the fashion show venue.

Girl on bicycle: Urban Legends Fashion Show Product submissions for possible inclusion in the Urban Legend Fashion and Art Show are due no later than September 9. To make a submission, send a completed product submission form and lo-res photo to Mia Kohout at For art submissions, please send an email to at Thomas Prehn at

For schedule information about the Urban Legend Fashion and Art Show and other events at the 2009 Interbike International Bicycle Expo, please go to

See also: Photos and video 2008 Urban Legend Fashion & Art Show.

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Friday, September 26, 2008
  Las Vegas Criterium photos
By Yokota Fritz 
I took over 400 photos last night at the Las Vegas Criterium, and this is the only one that turned out.

Las Vegas Criterium

I was standing directly underneath Ken Conley, who's much better at this than I am. Thank you to JT of Bicycle.Net who let me borrow his camera last night.

Jim Langley is looking over my shoulder right now and he's asking me to post to his blog: So here's the link. Jim's been a bike mechanic for over 20 years and he freely gives his bike fix advice on his blog. He's a really nice guy that lives and bikes not from where I live, so it's really ironic that we meet in Las Vegas for the first time. He also has an ebook for sale (you can find the link at his blog) on the home bike workshop that looks very very good.


  People of Interbike 2008
By Yokota Fritz 
RoadBikeReview and MTBR have their Virtual Tradebooths; I'll do my Virtual Social Meetup.

Ron of BikeWorldNews, Dennis Bean of Fixed Gear Gallery, and Steve Woo of Sportgenic.

20080925-interbike 172

Mia of Momentum Magazine and Brad of Urban Velo.

Mia and Brad

Fossil Fool
rocks the best party at the Las Vegas Criterium. Behind him is Benjamin of Yuba Bikes.

Fossil Fool rocks the best party at the Criterium

Tyler of Bike Rumor.

Tyler of

Brian of Raleigh looks dapper with his Nan of Joy Rider Clothing.

20080925-interbike 073

Tracy, Stacy, and Tanya are the Vegas Criterium Umbrella Girls.

Criterium Umbrella

For more photos, see my Urban Legends Fashion Show bike photos over at Commute By Bike.

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008
  Vegas Cyclocross: Lance Armstrong finishes about 20th
By Yokota Fritz 
Ryan Trebon won the first Cross Vegas cyclocross race this evening as thousands watched. The main draw for many spectators was, of course, Lance Armstrong, who flew in from New York on a private jet and finished somewhere in the middle of the pack. I'll be at his press conference in the morning.


Tuesday, September 23, 2008
  Interbike 2008 coverage
By Yokota Fritz 
I'm leaving town in the morning for Interbike. You can expect a few hundred photos of good bike porn and the people of Interbike over at my Flickr photostream. Most of my updates will be posted to Commute By Bike.

You can expect to see coverage about Bianchi's 2009 lineup, the new "Ascend" Iso Truss bicycle that Delta 7 will introduce Wednesday, the Lance Armstrong press conference on Thursday, the small players such as Handsome Cycles, Momentum Magazine's "Urban Legends" fashion show, CLIX quick release, a quick meeting with Specialized, a meeting with the inventor of the Safety Illumination light for cyclists, and tons of other goodies.

In the meantime, check out these sites and page: Watch this space for more!


Saturday, January 19, 2008
  Interview with Tim Parr, Brad Quartuccio, Tim Jackson
By Yokota Fritz 
Tim Grahl posted a video of Tim Parr (owner of Swobo), Brad Quartuccio (Urban Velo) and Tim Jackson (Masi Bikes) in which they talk about how the bike industry is encouraging people to use bikes for transportation. Watch it here.

The Bicycle Leadership Conference started this weekend in San Diego. Trek chief John Burke will talk about increased industry involvement in advocacy in his keynote tomorrow morning.

Rich Kelly of Interbike is there, as well as somebody from SOAR Communications (which does marketing for Interbike). Tim Jackson of Masi is also there and says he'll try to post news from the conference if he can get Wi Fi access there. He already posted his thoughts on Rob McSkimming's talk. McSkimming is VP of Business Development for Whistler Blackthorne, and he talked about what the bike business can learn from the ski industry to improve business.

One of the things that came out at the Conference was a new Bicycle Owners Manual that meets new European standards for bike sales. The new manual focuses on actual product usage, riding and includes a lot of how-to. It also takes owners through topics such as “What happens if” and includes instruction on suspension, disc brakes, materials, torque, and maintenance.

Anything would be a big improvement over most of the owners manuals I've seen that come with bikes. The best I've seen comes from Breezer Bikes -- besides going into detail on basic bike maintenance, Breezer Bikes owners' manual covers fit, general riding tips, braking technique, flat fixing and so forth. Instead of the usual CYA lawyer speak, Breezer manuals include specific and useful information on how riders can ride safely. Most manuals, for example, caution that riding at night is dangerous and should not be done; Breezer's manuals advise riders to use their lights and give instruction on how to adjust the lights. The manuals also give tips on wet weather riding.

Besides the general riding tips in the Breezer owners' manual, each Breezer Bike also comes with John Allen's Street Skills pamphlet on riding legally and safely. You can download PDFs of the owners manuals at Breezer's resources page.


Thursday, January 10, 2008
  Interbike Outdoor Demo East scheduled October 21-22, 2008
By Yokota Fritz 
Interbike Outdoor Demo East - October 21-22, 2008. Roger Williams Park, Providence, RI

Interbike announced today that they will host the first annual Interbike Outdoor Demo East Tuesday, October 21 to Wednesday, October 22, 2008, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Roger Williams Park in Providence, R.I.

The Interbike Outdoor Demo East event is based on the Interbike Outdoor Demo held in conjunction with the Interbike International Bicycle Expo in Las Vegas and will include product testing, National Bicycle Dealers Association (NBDA) seminars and networking events. The new event is aimed at servicing retailers who do not attend and/or additional staff members who are not able to participate in the Interbike International Expo and Outdoor Demo.

"We recognize there are members of the industry that have difficulties attending the Interbike Expo in Las Vegas," said Lance Camisasca, Interbike's industry consultant. "Interbike Outdoor Demo East is a hands-on, no-hassle, inexpensive regional style event that allows retailers to not only test new products but also educate staff members on the latest trends and network with industry members in a historic and event friendly location."

Manufacturers who have already committed to exhibit at the event include Advanced Sports (Fuji, SE Racing, Kestrel), Fox Racing Shox, Giant Bicycles, Kenda USA, Pacific Cycle (GT, Schwinn, Mongoose), Pedro's Total Bicycle Care and Santa Cruz Bicycles, with more expected to follow in the coming weeks.

"Interbike always produces a great trade event," said Pat Cunnane, president of Advanced Sports "We're confident OutDoor Demo East will be a great event as well and we are looking forward to giving our East Coast retailers another opportunity to learn about and test ride our products."

"The genesis of an opportunity to reach out to the other half of cycling is perfect," said Chris Zigmont, general manager of Pedro's Total Bicycle Care. "We will now be able to meet with the guys and gals who work the shop floor and who can't attend Interbike's Las Vegas trade show because of time and money constraints."

"We've had great feedback on our Super Seminars around the country and attendance has exceeded expectations," said Fred Clements, executive director of the National Bicycle Dealers Association. "By partnering with Interbike at Outdoor Demo East, we feel we'll be able to offer high quality sessions in a convenient setting that will allow us to reach an even larger audience in a region that deserves the support."

The 450 acre Roger Williams Park is located just south of downtown Providence and has been the host city for the 2006 and 2007 National Cyclocross Championships. In addition to being a great place for cycling, Providence is a central location for Northeast and Mid Atlantic retails and is easily accessible by most forms of transportation.

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Wednesday, December 05, 2007
  Donna on East Coast Demo Days
By Yokota Fritz 
Donna of Kryptonite works out of Boston, Mass, so you'd think she'd be all over the proposed Interbike East Coast Demo. She notes, however, that several bike vendors are west coast companies, and getting all of the bike companies to put on two sets of demo days within weeks might be a bit much for them. More at Unbreakable Bonds.


Tuesday, December 04, 2007
  Interbike: East coast demo days?
By Yokota Fritz 
Interbike organizers are apparently contemplating demo days on the USA east coast near Providence, Rhode Island. Interbike sent surveys to mid-Atlantic and New England retailers in November to gauge their interest in this event. Read more at Bicycle Retailer & Industry News.

More bicycle news

James has been reviewing the Strida folding bicycle.

Bicycling magazine: Gear list for 24+ hour adventure races.

Bike Commute Tips: Bike commuting for health and sanity, which includes a link to Jason's excellent Rochester Bike Blog. Except he's in Albany now, but never mind that.

Bike Hugger: It rained in Seattle. That deluge over the Pacific Northwest also covered Portland, Oregon in rain and wind. It'll hit my area on Thursday.

Bike Chicago: Five winter bike commute necessities. They're tires, fenders, lights, lube, and (since this is a shop's blog) a winter tune up special with coupons. They also list another Top 5: Reasons why folding bikes make great Christmas gifts.

What about Cyclocross?

I need to promote this to its own article. In case I forget: The SF Bay Area Air Quality Management District distributed a memo prohibiting bicycle transportation for employees "in the course of their work duties" because "the potential for serious injury is much greater riding a bicycle than driving a car." Grrrr....

Giro d'Italia 2008 course description. See also Steep Hill's coverage.

PV powered EV.

Cafiend on Specialized's Interbike publicity stunt.

A Velodrome in Orange County, California?

Singapore: Bicycle safety low hanging fruit?

Bicycle jokes that you've probably already heard.

Lisbon bicycle blog in Portuguese.

Bicycles in the background in these Sartorialist photos here, here, and here.

650B, Is it for me?


Sunrace Driven preview: Drool worthy photos.


Go speed racer: Over Drive is an anime series on a Japanese cyclist winning the TdF. Maybe he's the only one who can pass the dope tests. Check this plot description: "The top racer is a Japanese boy named Shinozaki Mikoto. 'Why dont you join our bicycle club?' said Fukazawa, Shinozaki Mikotos secret love. Unfortunately, despite being a high school student, he doesnt know how to ride a bike. With no real idea of what the bicycle club is, he earnestly practices." In Japanese with English subtitles.

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Monday, December 03, 2007
  See Fritz on video
By Yokota Fritz 
David has posted the "The Lost Episode" of The Spokesmen cycling podcast. This is a video interview from Interbike hosted by David. The video features: Carlton Reid of BikeBiz & QuickRelease.TV, Tim "Masi Guy" Jackson, Tim Grahl of the Crooked Cog Network, Donna "KryptoGal" Tocci, Byron the Bike Hugger, Guitar Ted representing 29 inches, Brad Q of Urban Velo magazine, and Chipps for Singletrack World.

When you watch, you'll see there's a reason I don't do video. Enjoy!


Thursday, October 11, 2007
  Sheldon Brown's Interbike 2007 report
By Yokota Fritz 
I looked for Sheldon Brown at Interbike. I did see him across the way once, but he was whizzing away on his electric scooter and he disappeared.

I missed this earlier, but Sheldon posted his own Interbike 2007 updates at his website. He notes the trend toward commuter bikes, especially high end expensive commuters bikes, and he likes what he sees.

Sheldon highlights a handy-dandy emergency derailleur hanger from Wheels Manufacturing that might have come in handy when I trashed my hanger. But then again maybe not, since I also destroyed the rear derailleur and my chainring bolts.

There's lots of good stuff at Sheldon's Interbike 2007 report. Give it a read when you have the chance.


Tuesday, October 02, 2007
  Move Interbike to ... somewhere else?
By Yokota Fritz 
This article in Bike Europe about Interbike 2007 has some interesting tidbits about the show and the future of Interbike:
  • Attendance: 22,515 unique badge-holders, of whom 11,054 were buyers. This is up from 21,682 and 10,378 respectively in 2006. 3,787 unique businesses (retailers) represented at the show, up from last year's 3,239.

    Vegas Sucks
  • Vegas sucks? On a possible change of location after 2008, the Interbike team will gather research and feedback in the coming months and put forward proposals to the industry at the Bicycle Leadership Conference in January.
  • Public days: Officially a trade-only event, Interbike is clearly infiltrated every year by many enthusiasts, begging the question of instituting public days. "We're moving towards a majority that wants this," said show director Lance Camisasca, "but retailers are still resistant to the idea."
Tim Grahl addresses the question of Vegas in his Crooked Cog blog, in which he notes that "just like the women, Las Vegas is cheap and easy. The major airport is five miles from the event and the hotels/flights are to expensive. The city is built around large events and large amounts of people." Interbike uses 600,000 square feet of floor space and draws over 20,000 attendees.

Fixie wheelies in Vegas While several people want to move Interbike to Colorado, the Colorado Convention Center in Denver has a 500,000 square foot exhibition area and can only provide about 10,000 hotel rooms in the immediate area around downtown Denver. Other contenders might be Interbike's previous home in Anaheim, or Chicago, which boasts the largest convention center in the world. The Morial Convention Center in New Orleans might be worth consideration with its million square feet of exhibit space.

Some more worthwhile Interbike wrap ups are available at Quickrelease.TV, Masiguy, Bicycling Boulder Report, Guitar Ted, BRaIN and WIRED magazine.


Monday, October 01, 2007
  The bloggers of Interbike
By Yokota Fritz 
Here are some of the Interbike 2007 bloggers. I had a great time meeting up with all of these wonderful people. Most of them have Interbike updates so be sure to visit their blogs.

Tim Grahl of the Crooked Cog Network.
Tim Grahl rides a Dahon

Raleigh brand manager Carey writes the Raleigh Commuters and Raleigh Bicycles blogs.
Carey photo

Dave "The Fred" Bernstein: The FredCast and The Spokesman.
Dave "The Fred" Bernstein

Mark aka Guitar Ted: Guitar Ted Productions.
Guitar Ted

Brad Q: Urban Velo Magazine with Tim Grahl.
Brad Q and Tim Grahl

Byron & friends are Bike Huggers.
Team Bike Hugger

Brian is the Industry Outsider.
Brian from

Carlton Reid: and BikeBiz.
Carlton Reid produces video

Chipps & Mark: Singletrack blog.

Tim "Masiguy" Jackson and Donna "Kryptogal" Tocci.
Tim "Masiguy" Jackson and Donna Tocci of Kryptonite

Rich Kelly
and Tim Jackson.
Rich Kelly and Tim Jackson

Carlton Reid and Rich Kelly
Carlton Reid and Rich Kelly

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Saturday, September 29, 2007
  Interbike 2007 overview of bikes
By Yokota Fritz 

Mountain bikes

Everybody has 29er bikes. Even low-end vendor Dynacraft has full suspension and single 29er bikes for the mass mart market. Read Guitar Ted's Floor Highlights at Twenty Nine Inches.

The Ibis Tranny hardtail mountain bike was an interesting concept. The rear triangle can be completely removed for compact packing for travel. You can fairly easily convert this bike from geared to singlespeed operation through it's adjustable length chainstay.

Does anybody remember the Brigham Young student who created the "isotruss" carbon fiber frame with the open design? Well, a production frame with that technology is now reality in Delta 7 Sports. A complete frame (sans fork) comes in at just over two pounds and is rated for "any rider weight." I can't gush about how amazing this frame feels.

Road bikes

Team Kreitler I was there to cover "utility" bikes and didn't get a chance to look at these beautiful bikes a lot, but I did gawk just a little. MTBR covered some of the road stuff here.

I caught some of the action at the night-time Las Vegas Criterium -- night time race crashes are spectacular, with sparks flying high and bright as metal and plastic bits disintegrate while grinding across pavement. At least two of the crashes I saw occurred when a Specialized tire literally exploded on the track, which isn't exactly a ringing endorsement of that brand.

I watched the Industry Cup Criterium with Byron from his Bike Hugger tent. Read Byron's race report here.

City bikes

Lynskey titanium cruiser bicycle Urban bikes, utility bikes, performance cruisers -- whatever you want to call this large category, just about everybody has something to offer in this huge category. See much more about this at Commute By Bike. I have a couple of more updates on this category coming up, so stay tuned.

There were some very nice utility and cruiser bikes at Interbike -- you can read about the Civia and Breezer lines at Commute By Bike -- but there were also two titanium bikes I saw. The first is the blue bike pictured here -- a wonderful wonderful titanium cruiser that is an absolute dream to ride. The Lynskey rep didn't have a price for this bike, but he told me they're willing to build it up for any customer with the cash.

The other is this titanium commuter from Seven, complete with a titanium porteur rack on the front. The complete bike is a work of art.

Other Interbike tidbits

Sugino Messenger Series I've been harsh on Montague's CLIX quick release before, but I tried this out on a real bike and it actually works really well. I like it, and if it was available for the aftermarket I'd replace all of my QR front skewers today. Montague has licensed the CLIX to Trek, Cannondale, Kona, Excel and Pacific. Pacific's GT people in particular were excited about the CLIX quick release and will introduce some bikes next year using Montague's technology.

The Japan Bicycle Promotion Group was there sharing a booth with Sugino, Nitto, MKS and other well known Japanese bike parts vendors. The Japan Bicycle Promotion people run and regulate the Keirin races in Japan and approve the NJS designations. They all told me the current popularity of NJS parts and boutique parts for urban fixie riders has been very very good for the Japanese bicycle industry.

Planet Bike mini pumps The five people from Planet Bike will introduce at least a dozen new colors of bar tape, brighter lights -- including 1W and 2W ultra bright headlights, some moderately priced "performance" saddles, and these new lightweight gloves for mild temperature winter riding (that I absolutely LOVE). These tiny "micro" pumps pictured here looked very useful. They're designed to fit in a bottle cage bracket with the crazy frame geometries that are available now.

I tried the famous NuVinci CVT and I gotta say I kinda like it. Easy to use, easy to shift, and it feels nice and smooth.

Stay tuned for a post on what Brad @ Urban Velo calls the "Clown Corner."


Friday, September 28, 2007
  Interbike 2007 videos
By Yokota Fritz 
I've posted a couple of videos from Interbike 2007 up to YouTube.

You can watch me crash a crazy swingbike in this video.

Xtracycle featured human powered rock and roll.

I have another Interbike video upload later featuring a walk through of the show flow.

Carlton posted videos of the Cyclocross Race and the Lake Mead ride over at Quickrelease.TV.

Please feel free to post links to other good Interbike coverage in the comments.

That's team Bike Hugger in the photo, along with the voice of Interbike, Rich Kelly. So far I have about 200 photos uploaded to my Interbike 2007 photo set on Flickr, with more on the way.

Team Bike Hugger


Wednesday, September 26, 2007
  Interbike 2007 links
By Yokota Fritz 
Commute By Bike previews the Civia Cycles $3000 commuter bikes, GT Transeo $400 commuter bike, Joe Breeze's $2000 commuter bike, Korean minibikes, and Raleigh USA's new Detour Deluxe which is a nice looking bike indeed.

Mobiky folding bicycle WIRED blog looks at a $200 helmet, a 50 pound e-bike, and the new Ibis Tranny convertible bike.

Tim Grahl in the midst of cycling legends.

Shimano cycling video contest winners announced.

Chicago Bike Blog: "Urban" is the new buzzword.

There are many many Recumbents at Interbike.

Lots of Interbike goodies at Speedgoat blog.

29 inches: floor highlights.

Blue Collar MTB: Interbike update.

I was on Cycling.TV live today in a roundtable with several other bike bloggers.


  Bicycle rock and roll tour
By Yokota Fritz 
Human powered 5,000 mile concert tour by Gabe Dominguez, with a stop in Las Vegas for Interbike 2007.


  Road rash repair kit
By Yokota Fritz 
It's a good idea to keep something like this on hand.

Road Rash Repair Kit

The company owner, Rich Singer, was riding Bayfront Park in Menlo Park when he spilled and tore up his arm. He put something like this kit together afterwards and now here he is at Interbike selling it.

The kit comes with antimicrobial cleanser, tape, surgical sponges, hydrocolloid dressing and elastic bandage to hold the dressing in place.

Seen at Interbike. Buy at


  Interbike 2007 photos
By Yokota Fritz 
I've uploaded my first batch of photos which you can view here.

Zigo -- bike + child carrier

Shown here is the Zigo Leader, a combined bike and stroller in which the child rides in front of the adult cyclist. It's actually a nicely designed product. The stroller can be separated from bike and a front wheel put on, and disassembled the the whole thing is fairly compact.

Cyclelicious Interbike 2007.


Tuesday, September 25, 2007
  Interbike 2007 photos and more
By Yokota Fritz 
The Bike Hugger started a Flickr pool for Interbike 2007 photos, which I've joined and will post my photos too. The Hugger also provided good coverage on the Outdoor Demo day, with quick views of a city bike from Felt and Raleigh's Soujourn touring bike.

Bike Magazine has lots of nice bike porn, including some good closeups of the new carbon belt drive that's been getting some attention lately.

Singletrack tried the new Spot bicycle with the carbon belt drive and compared it with the Orange belt drive prototype. also has their usual excellent gallery of photos from the Outdoor Demo days.

VeloNews also posted plenty of yummy gear photos from the Outdoor Demo. Cyclingnews provides a more newsy overview.

In case you missed this earlier:Specialized president Mike Sinyard and some of his employees rode their bikes the 600 miles from Specialized HQ in San Jose to Las Vegas. I thought about doing that, but it's either high mountains or hot desert for the entire journey, which kind of scared me. It's a tough ride.

Interbike 2007 news.


Saturday, September 22, 2007
  Interbike 2007 preview
By Yokota Fritz 
Click here for Interbike 2007 Coverage

Interbike 2007 Expo begins next Wednesday and I'll be there to report on product news, trends, and photos on behalf of CommuteByBike. I'll drool over the high dollar race-worthy gear, clothing and training aids, of course, but I'll take a close look at:
  • Family cycling accessories like the iBert child seat.
  • Utilitarian cycling wear.
    Huffy Sonic: SPEEDOMETER and SHIFTER!
  • Performance cycling wear such as the new Argento shorts with reflective panels from Black Bottom Cyclewear.
  • Bags from the myriad bag companies there, like newcomer Rickshaw Bags of San Francisco.
  • The carbon belt drive used on Spot Bikes.
  • Coffee with the one and only Bobke at the Kryptonite Booth.
  • The latest lights from vendors like Light and Motion and others.
  • The Best Barista contest at the Louis Garneau booth on Thursday, not to mention the free coffee given away during the opening hour of the expo.
  • Superstars like Saul Raisin, Phil Ligget, Stuart O'Grady and Niki Gudex.
  • The outlook for independent bike dealers.
  • Custom frame builders.
  • New bikes -- especially "urban" or utility bikes -- from the more mainstream bike companies such as Specialized, Raleigh, Masi, and the QBP brands Surly and Civia.
Trek will not be at the Interbike Expo. Specialized employees, including company president Mike Sinyard, are riding their bikes the 600 miles from San Jose to Vegas.

Be sure to watch for a special VIDEO edition of The Spokesman Cycling Podcast in which I will appear with other cycling bloggers and the usual Spokesman gang of Tim, Dave, Carlton, and Tim. I was hoping to meet Elden the Fat Cyclist, but he can't make it. My sources do tell me that I might be able to unveil the identity of BSNYC, though, which would be a treat.

Interbike news.


Tuesday, September 04, 2007
  Almost famous
By Yokota Fritz 
"High Five!" photo by Timothy J.

WIRED Blog linked to Cyclelicious over the weekend, which is always good for a few extra hits on the old website. Thank you to whoever forwarded that link to them.

I also really appreciate those who link to Cyclelicious. Over the past 10 days or so, you are: Interbike is just three weeks away. I'll be there on behalf of Tim Grahl's Crooked Cog Network and Commute By Bike, but I'll post plenty of yummy bike porn and updates on a daily basis here also. Watch this space for Interbike updates.

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