Missouri town passes bicycle harassment law

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One Missouri college town that takes pride in its bike-friendly status is threatening jail time for motorists who aren’t so friendly. The Columbia City Council heard from a steady succession of cyclists who’ve been victims of road rage — including a bike shop owner who was pistol-whipped — before unanimously approving a new ordinance Monday […]

Bike lawyers on media and police bias

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In the aftermath of the Cupertino bicycle fatalities, in which law abiding cyclists were struck and killed by an apparently dozing driver, the San Francisco Chronicle published this article about law breaking scofflaw cyclists. Besides the whole disconnect from the media (law abiding cyclists die, so lets talk about those law breaking cyclists we always […]

NPR Talk of the Nation: Rob Anderson and Noah Budnick

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Update – Show Notes: Host Lynn Neary displayed a very clear and obvious anti-cyclist bias in this show, labeling cyclists as “arrogant” and “self righteous,” accusing cyclists of riding recklessly, causing collisions, getting in the way of motorists and causing road rage. Neary make Rob Anderson’s speaking points for him — she listed the potential […]