Colorado bike haiku

Carl ran a bike club for students at Columbine Elementary School in Longmont, Colorado. The bike club was for the Walk Or Wheels (“WOW”) program at the school, which encourages students to walk or bike to school and which has an astounding participation rate of over 90%. Carl started the club as an additional impetus … Continue reading Colorado bike haiku

Bicycle haiku and other bicycle blog madness

Frank has an nice winter CX baiku in Illinois. He also pointed me to a old set of baikus from last summer. Carlton talks about “get off the road for your own safety” individuals in the Netherlands(!), India and Nazi Germany. Perhaps there’s a connection with this “bicycle neglect”. Alan makes the point that the … Continue reading Bicycle haiku and other bicycle blog madness

Autumn bike haiku

Expressing the feelings and observations of the seasons is one of the hallmark characteristics of haiku. In his Halloween bike haiku, Jason perfectly captures the feeling of his blissfull night ride on a perfect autumn evening. Remember, if you post a bicycle haiku and I find it, I’ll link to it from Cyclelicious.

A New Year with bicycles

Yesterday, I briefly mentioned the Japanese practice of “firsts” for the New Year – hatsumode is viewing the first sunrise of the year, while hatsuhinode is the first visit to the shrine. Many Japanese will write haiku (the 5-7-5 poetry that often evokes nature and related themes) of other firsts such as the first laugh … Continue reading A New Year with bicycles