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Video: Arnold Schwarzenegger rides a bicycle

Arnold Schwarzenegger rides a Boris Bike with London Mayor Boris Johnson during a visit on Thursday. Schwarzenegger praised London’s bike sharing program as “a great idea for the whole world.” From Grist with a tip of the hat to Professor Angela.

Ethan Suplee rides a bicycle

“My Name is Earl” actor Ethan Suplee says he lost 200 pounds not through fad diets and surgery, but by riding his bicycle.

Darth Vader rides a bicycle

“He’s more machine now than man; twisted and evil.” Much more like this at Mike Joos Art. He also has Etsy Shops where you can purchase his line drawings and other art. His bike related art gets posted to his mountain bike blog.

Anne Hathaway rides a bicycle

Actress Anne Hathaway rides a bicycle during filming of the movie “One Day” last year in London.

Robert Swarts rides a bicycle

I’m not quite sure what I like more — the toothless old guy riding his bicycle around in South Africa and obviously enjoying himself, or the Zulu cover of “Stayin’ Alive” by African Noise Foundation. From South Africa Bicycle Portraits project, which documents everyday South Africans and their bicycles.

Rahm Emanuel rides a bicycle

Some of you might not know that Barack Obama’s former Chief of Staff resigned his White House office last October to run for Mayor of Chicago. After a judicial kerfuffle about residency requirements, the Illinois Supreme Court ruled last week that Rahm is indeed a legal resident of Chicago and eligible to run for the read more »