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Caroline Brasch Nielsen rides a bicycle

“Models Off Duty” photographer Craig Arend aka “Altamira” ran into Danish supermodel Caroline Brasch Nielsen riding her bicycle in front of Copenhagen City Hall during Copenhagen Fashion Week.

Fam-Lay rides a bicycle

Rapper Fam-Lay and his friends ride beach cruiser bicycles in his music video “Beach Cruiser.”

Charlie Pickering rides a bicycle

Australian comedian and 7 PM Project host Charlie Pickering says he loves to bike to work everyday, rain, hail or shine.

Lindsay Lohan rides a bicycle

Lindsay Lohan tries bicycle riding as part of a healthier lifestyle.

Olivia Wilde rides a bicycle

Actress Olivia Wilde rides a bicycle. Olivia Wilde is frequently seen riding her blue Electra Amsterdam bicycle near her home in Santa Monica, California. Ms. Wilde is a favorite of nerds for the role she played in Tron:Legacy as a warrior biker babe isomorphic algorithm. She also stars in the Cowboys & Aliens that opened read more »

Lara Stone rides a bicycle

It’s been ages since I’ve done a celebrity bicycle post. Here’s Dutch model Lara Stone riding a big black Omafiets around London.