CHP Traffic Incident Reports: BICYCLE ACCIDENTS

Cyclelicious. This application searches the California Highway Patrol realtime traffic incident data feed for anything involving "bike" or "bicycl" in the state of California. The Traffic Incident data feed covers only state roads under CHP jurisdiction, which mostly means Interstate highways and numbered California state routes.

This is a real time search. I also have a cron job that hunts for incidents involving bicycles every 15 minutes, and another cron to hunt for fatalities once every half hour. You can see the log of bicycle incidents at Fatalities can be followed on Twitter at @chpfatal.

Usually, you will see "No incidents found." I posted sample output in this blog post.

You can also add a single search term by appending "q=[search term]" to the end of the URL; for example will find all instances involving Toyotas.



Location: Us101 N / Masten, Hollister Gilroy - May 27 2017 6:01PM

: 1125-Traffic Hazard
    -- May 27 2017 6:02PM [1] BICYCLE IN THE MIDDLE LN


Location: Sr170 S / Sherman Way, West Valley - May 27 2017 5:58PM

: 1179-Trfc Collision-1141 Enrt
    -- May 27 2017 5:59PM [1] 2ND HAND FM LAFD - TC HERE


Location: Sr170 N / Sherman Way, West Valley - May 27 2017 5:45PM

: 1125-Traffic Hazard
    -- May 27 2017 5:45PM [1] LARGE BAG OF TRASH IN LNS