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Last week's top selling items.

Surly Marge Lite Rim 26 32h Black
Surly Mr Whirly Offset Double 170mm 2236t Moonlander Crankset with Bottom Bracket
Surly Steamroller 53cm Frameset Black
Surly Stainless Steel Chainring 20t x 58mm MWOD Inner
Surly Ring 39t x 110mm Stainless Steel
Surly Stainless Steel Chainring 21t x 58mm MWOD Inner
Surly Aluminum Chainring 33t MWOD Outer
Surly Rolling Darryl Rim Black wout Cutouts
Surly Mr Whirly Crankset 175mm 6873 223244t
Surly Steamroller 56cm Frameset Black

Cycling Surly
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