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Planet Bike Borealis Fall/Winter Full Finger

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Planet Bike Borealis Fall/Winter Full Finger

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Just say no to sore hands. Planet Bike has come up with gloves, handle bar tape, and their Century Gel pads to put the nix on the scourge of the long ride - numb hands!


* Ultra-soft Fleece thumb and index finger
* HIPORAŽ Windproof/Waterproof Breathable Liner
* Fingertip silicon prints for increased grip
* 4 way stretch woven spandex for a durable snug fit
* Reflective piping for night visibility

About Planet Bike:

Planet Bike was born from the heart of cyclists and our goal is to create innovative products that make it easier and safer for people to ride bicycles. The products we design are rooted in this dream. Riding through day, night, heat, cold, rain and snow helps us come up with products that make sense, work, and are practical.

Just as we are conscious of the way cycling affects people and the environment, we are also aware of the impact that our products have on them. We're sensitive to the lifecycle of our products. We pay keen attention to everything from ensuring a fair wage for factory workers, designing products to be both durable and fixable, minimizing packaging and using recyclable materials whenever, wherever we can.

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