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Dahon Jack 26-Inch Folding Mountain Bike

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Dahon Jack 26-Inch Folding Mountain Bike

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Why Jack* Well Jack Ass, Black Jack, and Jack Daniels were just a few of the (printable) names that were thrown on the table as we tried to find a name suitable for this burly beast of a bike that we'd created. So we chose Jack and we think it fits just fine. The Jack isn't designed for all-out speed - that's for racer boys in spandex - it's designed to go at any pace you choose and to roll over anything in its path. We designed the Jack around a beefy 7005 aluminum frame and phat Schwalbe Big Apple tires. The custom SRAM drivetrain has only seven speeds to keep things simple, but enough gears for most anything you're likely to encounter in the city. What kind of bike is this* We don't know. Jack.

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