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Down Low Glow Lighting Kit - Single Tube - Plush(red)

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Down Low Glow Lighting Kit - Single Tube - Plush(red)

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RIDE LIKE A ROCK STAR with DOWN LOW GLOW from FOSSIL FOOL! This unique lighting kit offers you enhanced nighttime side visibility not found in more traditional bicycle lights. Up to 70% of all bicycle/car accidents are a result of the bike rider being hit from the side at night. The driver of the car was often unable to see the cyclist at all. Bicycle headlights help alert oncoming traffic of a cyclist's presence. Rear reflectors and flashing tail lights help make a cyclist visible from the rear. Both are critical pieces of safety equipment. The Down Low Glow can also enhance your safety. It helps improve your visibilty where bicycle headlights and rear reflectors don't offer much coverage - from the side -where you need protection the most! Nighttime bicycle Commuters in particular will love the added side visibility offered by the Down Low Glows Shatterproof thermoplastic tubes. Parents, your kids will love riding their bikes with the Down Low Glow, and you'll feel that they are safer by doing so. Comes with a rechargeable battery, charger, two tubes, and easy to install kit. (No tools are required to install)And it fits on most mountain or road bikes. Comes in a choice of Envy(Green), or Ice(Blue) single tubes for $99 retail, Fossilized Amber(Pink)or Royal Purple, Orange, or Plush(Red) for $115 retail. Advertised unit comes in Fossilized Amber(pink). Ride at night with Confidence! Ride with the Down Low Glow by Fossil Fool!

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