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New Dahon Airporter Suitcase

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NEW Airporter Suitcase ( free shipping ) The perfect suitcase for the rigors of airline travel. The Airporter is a semi hard-sided suitcase with plenty of protective internal padding. It is large enough to fit any of our 16" or 20" bikes when folded. It will also accept our 26" bikes with the wheels removed and placed inside next to the folded frame. The Airporter features rugged straps and zippers and bomb-proof in-line skate wheels. The Airporter suitcase has a measurement of 73 linear inches. However the airlines have set a limit of 62 linear inches. This may mean that you will be charged an oversize luggage fee. We have traveled extensively with the Airporter suitcase, and fortunately, as yet, have not been charged for having oversize luggage. It largely depends on which airline you use and how strictly they enforce the baggage size rules. Another factor that may play a part depends on which routes you fly. If you are flying to some popular tourist destinations, security may be heightened and more attention will be paid to the size of your luggage. Dimensions: 690mm (26") x 850mm (33.5") x 350mm (13.75") Linear inches: 73.25" Weight: 9.5 Kg (22 lbs.) *Suitable for all 16", 20" and 26" bikes.

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