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Mini Pen Fishing Rod with Deluxe Spin Reel

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Mini Pen Fishing Rod with Deluxe Spin Reel

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...Most of us have been there. we unexpectedly encounter a great fishing opportunity only to find we don't have a rod to fish with. These can often be the best times to fish, and not having a rod can be one of the most frustrating things ever. ...That's where this product comes in. It's a high quality rod & reel combo that is smal enough to bring with you anywhere. It fits easily into a glove box, backpack, or carry on bag. ...Make no mistake - this is not a toy. It's constructed from durable components and built to be a truly effective fishing tool, even big fish are no match for it. It may look like a pen, but when you remove the cap it's a telescoping rod. You simply attach its high quality bras mini-reel and fish away! ...The Pen Fisherman is a must for any fishing occasion. It comes ready to use and will go to work for you on an instant's notice!

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