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48 and Counting: A Story of Money, Love and Bicycling

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48 and Counting: A Story of Money, Love and Bicycling
Jonathan Clements
166 pages

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"Great read from a brilliant and insightful writer," says Allan Roth of "Woven within this short book's engaging and entertaining story are some epiphany-inducing observations about money and happiness."

"Although this is his first novel, Jonathan Clements's long practice writing the personal-finance column for The Wall Street Journal shows in a quickly paced story with a plot that moves right along, with enough detail that every middle-aged cyclist can relate to," writes Richard Masoner of "It's a quick, enjoyable read."

"Author Jonathan Clements has penned a novel about biking," says Ray Niekamp of "Well, it's about money management.'s really about a guy's midlife crisis, with a healthy dose of money management and biking thrown in....It's an entertaining story, one that can be read in one evening, and some of the cycling scenes -- the clipless fall, the arrogant hammerheads on the club ride -- will be familiar to many."

"I enjoyed it tremendously!' writes Linda Descano of Women & Co.

48 and Counting is, as the novel's subtitle suggests, A Story of Money, Love and Bicycling. It traces amateur cyclist Max Whitfield through three eventful seasons as his marriage collapses and he loses control of his business. Unemployed and unsure what to do next, he throws himself into training for a 40-mile bicycle race.

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