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John Wilcockson
184 pages

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Bicycling is for everyone. A million bicycles are sold every week around the world. Increasing awareness of the energy crisis and the need for physical fitness are encouraging people of all ages to take to two wheels. Bicycle commuting, touring, racing and leisure riding have never been as popular as they are today. This book is for all those with an interest - new or established - in making best use of one of man's most efficient inventions. "Bicycle" looks at the role in modern society of this old friend and entertainingly traces its history in words and pictures. On the practical side, there is advice on where and how to buy the machine to suit you. Full guidance is also provicded on mechanics, maintenance and repair - complemented by over 100 detailed drawings. Both the novice and the experienced bicyclist alike will find these invaluable. Many useful hints are provided on all aspects of riding - from finding a comfortable position through to planning a training routine for the potential racer. A special feature of the chapter on bicycle touring is the series of three suggested full-length tours in Britain, Europe and America, each illustrated with a full-color map. Not least of the book's many attractions are the comprehensive list of organizations worldwide and its glossary of technical terms.

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