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Rediscover Your Joy with Bicycles and Cycling
Richard Conte
Kindle Edition
61 pages

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Would you like to learn what, and how, to ride a bike with
joy today*


Rediscover your Joy with Bicycles and Cycling contains
everything you need to know to begin riding and enjoying a bike.


As children, the ability to experience joy was a constant in
our lives. As adults, we tend to lose this sense of joy. Cycling renews this
ability, providing us with a sense of freedom and youthful delight unlike
virtually any other activity available to us in today's high-tech, high stress


The almost childish rush of freedom and pleasure which is
inherent to cycling makes it easy to enjoy - and continue enjoying for decades
- regardless of whether we simply ride our bikes for pleasure, or for a purpose;
such as, commuting to work, running errands, exercise, racing or for any other
reason. Exercise with a purpose can be one of the most rewarding motivations
for regular riding. Cycling to work while burning excess calories, for
instance, is its own reward.

Rediscover your Joy with Bicycles and Cycling is a quick,
41-page read, in which you will find answers to many questions about modern
bicycles and cycling; such as...

The answers to these questions, and more, are brought you by
a man who rediscovered his own joy with cycling at the age of 53, when he began
to commute to work on a daily basis; a man who, just two years later, also rode
his bicycle from Phoenix to Denver on an 800 mile trek to return to the state
he loves.


With a great deal of enthusiasm and a touch of humor, and
without a bunch of high-tech cycling terminology, Rediscover your Joy with
Bicycles and Cycling
offers the reader enough information to begin, or return,
to cycling in a no-nonsense, cost-effective manner.


This eBook is an obvious labor of love; love for bicycles
and cycling, which will inspire you to get back on a bike and Rediscover Your


So pack up your gear, grab your camera, find a trail to
explore, and start enjoying life more by having some REAL FUN!

"Not just a fluff piece about riding bicycles." By Andrea Kalli
I liked most about this book is that it isn't just a lot of fluff and
touchy-feely about riding bicycles. This includes the basic maintenance
things you need to think about, as well as what clothing and accessories
you should get to make your riding experience so much more enjoyable,
and general rules of sharing the road with cars. I love the chapters
about the health and fitness benefits and what cycling does for you.
Hats off to the author for taking the time to explain what is

"Thorough yet brief and easy-to-read...Increased
knowledge for shopping wisely; better understanding of types of bikes
available; good pointers about safety and cycling-related, off-bike
exercise...I recommend it whole-heartedly! This book should be read - and
re-read as much as necessary, especially before shopping and buying
things - by anyone who is a novice about riding, or anyone who may have
interest in using a bicycle more often for a variety of purposes...It
helped a great deal to see the must-haves, should-haves, and "cools" as
far as what to buy and own for maximum riding enjoyment and safety, and
to understand more clearly which are which."-Martin "Tex" Maier,
Houston, TX

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