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A Run Of Bad Luck

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A Run Of Bad Luck
Ross Bentley-Davies
310 pages

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DI Jack McConnell is dead, killed by a fallen tree.
His best friend, Pete Fairhurst, finds the body. Still grieving for his friend, he loses his job and is mugged for a mobile phone. Just a run of bad luck, or is it all connected* The muggers don't want Pete's phone, they want the one from Jack's dead body.
Hunting for the muggers and the missing phone leads Pete on a murderous chase through the streets of Northampton, and on to an environmental protest whose campsite is far too neat and organised to be plausible. The police reports from their undercover officers describe something completely different. Is someone paying the police to falsify the records*
What crime could possibly provoke such an elaborate cover-up* Can Pete get to the bottom of it before they can frame him for murder*

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