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SIGMA BC1606L CADENCE DTS Double Wireless Bicycle Speedometer

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SIGMA BC1606L CADENCE DTS Double Wireless Bicycle Speedometer

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The BC 1606L DTS CADENCE wireless is for dedicated cyclists. This is one of the best deals available for a DOUBLE WIRELESS (Speed & Cadence) computer. DTS stands for digital transmission system (speed and cadence), providing zero cross talk with other computers and ensuring that the data on the computer is your own. The backlight gives optimal readability of this information even in the dark. An integrated storage chip prevents the loss of set values during battery change as features such trip section counter, timer, and second wheel size are programmable. With the wireless receiver integrated into the bike computer, it can be mounted on your stem or bars.16 Functions Wireless Speed & Cadence: speed, avg speed, max speed, speed comparison, trip distance, total distance bike 1, total distance bike 2, total distance bike 1 + 2, clock, ride time, low battery indicator, two bike programmable, total ride time bike 1, total ride time bike 2, total ride time bike 1+ 2, memory back up function, wireless cadence, average cadence, programmable trip segment, programmable timer.

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