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Critical Cycles Classic Fixed-Gear Single-Speed Bike with Pista Drop Bars

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Critical Cycles Classic Fixed-Gear Single-Speed Bike with Pista Drop Bars

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Critical Cycles Classic Fixed-Gear Single-Speed Bike with Pista Drop Bars

California-based company Critical Cycles brings you the industry*s leading fixed-gear bicycle. Designed and distributed with a passion for cycling, the Critical Cycles Fixie gives all the power to the rider. With 170 size and color combinations to choose from, this bike conforms to the riders* specifications. Even if what the rider wants is not a fixie at all. The beauty of this particular bicycle is its versatility. It features a flip-flop hub, which will transform this lovely little fixie into a single-speed bike in a matter of moments. Flip the back tire around and you*ve got yourself a freewheeling bicycle that will ride like every other bike you've ever ridden. Riding fixed is a choice, do what you want to.

Critical Cycles White Frame & Black Wheels Fixie (Single-Speed Fixed-Gear Urban Commuter Bicycles)
White Frame + Black Wheels Fixed-Gear/Single Speed Bike
Critical Cycles Hunter Green Fixie (Single-Speed Fixed-Gear Urban Commuter Bicycles)
Hunter Green Fixed-Gear/Single Speed Bike
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So What Exactly Is A Fixie*

*Fixie* is cyclist jargon for a fixed-gear bike. Essentially, what makes this kind of bicycle different from everything else on the market is the lack of a freewheel. The cog or sprocket of the bicycle is bolted to the rear hub of the back wheel, preventing the wheel from moving independently of the pedals. With every pedal forward, the bicycle moves forward, and with every pedal backward, the bicycle moves backward. The motion of the bicycle is directly correlated to what you*re doing with the pedals.

Why Would I Ever Want To Ride A Fixie*

Well, for starters, the simplistic design of a fixed gear bicycle translates into fewer mechanisms to care for, break, and get stolen. Because there are fewer mechanisms on the bicycle, it is ultimately significantly lighter and more efficient than your average multi-speed bike. Aside from its physicality, though, the relationship between a cyclist and a fixed gear bike is like no other within the bicycle realm. The constant motion that results from a rider*s movements forms a tangible bond between (wo)man and machine. The level of control (and exhilaration) experienced while riding one of these babies is unparalleled. As you cyborg around town, your supremacy will reign over all uneven roads and sharp corners. Granted, you*ll have to get used to the manner in which the machinery moves, but once you do, you*ll discover exactly why fixies are so popular.

Fine, So Why Should I Ride This Fixie*

The Critical Cycles Fixie comes in a variety of sizes and colors, so you can get just the bike you dream of. Critical Cycles lets you customize your riding experience, giving you the option to replace the Pista handlebars with BMX handlebars for a more upright riding position. The crank and seat post are made of alloy rather than steel, which means they*re much lighter and sturdier, permitting you to do exactly what you want to do with your bike. The sealed bearings and double wall rims provide cyclists with a solidly built bike and a smooth ride ready for adventure after adventure. And, as aforementioned, if you*re still struggling to make a decision about whether you want to go full Fixie, worry not! This Critical Cycles Fixie has a flip-flop hub, which allows riders to change the orientation of the bike. You can alternate between a fixed gear and a freewheeling cycle by taking off the rear wheel and flipping it around.

Where Can I Ride*

Just about anywhere! Fixies are, hands down, the best choice for the city if you*re journeying on mostly paved road. The control riders possess while riding on a fixed gear bicycle is unparalleled, making uneven road, potholes, and icy conditions easier to conquer. And if you decide to ride this bicycle as a single-speed rather than a fixed-gear, your destination possibilities are endless.

Critical Cycles Crimson Fixie (Single-Speed Fixed-Gear Urban Commuter Bicycles)
Crimson Fixed-Gear/Single Speed Bike
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  • Premium Hand-Built Steel Fixed Gear Single-Speed Track Frame with Bar-Spin Clearance, Water Bottle Mounts, No Toe Overlap, and Horizontal Drop Outs
  • Super Deep-V Double Wall Rims with Stainless Steel Spokes and Flip-flop rear wheel hub allows changing from single-speed to fixed gear with ease
  • Alloy pedal & Leather Strap, Sealed Cartridge Bottom Bracket, Wanda Tires, KMC Chain, Pro-Max Brake, 3-Piece Crank & Lightweight Alloy Chain wheel
  • Pista Handlebars with soft Kraton Rubber grips, urban comfort saddle, many frame colors and sizes to choose from, perfect bike for teens and adults
  • Includes all the tools you need to build and maintain your own bicycle

  • Frame: Hand-Built Steel Track Frame
  • Geometry: Bar Spin Clearance & no Toe Overlap
  • Drop Out: Horizontal Drop Outs
  • Rims: Super Deep-V Double Wall Rims
  • Hubs: Flip Flop Hub with Single-Speed Freewheel and Fixed-Gear Cog
  • Tires: Wanda City Tires 700x23C
  • Chain: KMC
  • Headset: 1 1/8" Threaded
  • Stem: Promax Alloy
  • Handlebar: Alloy Pista Drop Bar
  • Grips: Kraton Rubber Track Grips
  • Brake: Front Promax Brake
  • Bottom Bracket: NECO Cartridge Sealed
  • Pedals: Chrome Well-go Pedal with Leather Strap and Chrome Toe Cage
  • Saddle: Critical Cycles Pista Saddle
  • Tools: All the tools you need to build and maintain your own bicycle including three metric allen wrenches and a flat wrench.

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