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Cat Eye Urban Wireless Computer

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Sure, touch-screens and GPS navigation are both pretty sweet, but you know what travels with us everywhere and can do the exact same thing* About 90% of our phones. And while you're spending $100 a month in service fees, it's hard to justify shelling out another $500 on a swanky cycling computer that primarily being used for commuting. This is where the CatEye Urban Wireless Computer comes in. CatEye approached the Urban Wireless' design with one idea in mind -- simplicity. We'll get it out of the way now, this isn't a race day computer. Instead, the Urban is meant to bring more depth, fun, and knowledge to your daily commute. And along these lines, CatEye included a couple of special features like your calorie consumption and carbon offset. So, you not only have a simplified access to metrics like current speed, maximum speed, average speed, two trip distances, elapsed time, and your total distance, but you're also able to view the positive impact that cycling has on both your body and the environment.Another couple of key features are the Urban's minimal size and weight. The CPU measures out to 55.5 x 35 x 18.5mm, and it only weighs around 28 grams. Additionally, the CPU setup is a simple affair, as is its mounting setup. In fact, CatEye includes its tool-free FlexTight bracket that mounts to either your stem or bars. The sensor itself mounts to your fork blade, and, of course, transmits its signal wirelessly to the CPU. The CatEye Urban Wireless Computer is available in the colors Black and White and in one size. Each computer includes a CR2032 battery, FlexTight mounting bracket, and a fork-mounted sensor.

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