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Cat Eye Rapid 5 Tail Light

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Forget all of the machismo, glory of battle nonsense that you've heard about bike commuting. In reality, not the grandiose story pages of trolls splitting lanes with battle axes in-tow, the commuter's goal is actually pretty simple: Don't get hit by car. So, we recommend riding predictably, responsibly, and with the proper safety equipment. Yes, this means front and rear lights, and preferably rear lights with power, like the CatEye Rapid 5 Tail Light. A tail light serves one function, and that's to raise your visual presence to the awareness of motorists. To achieve this, the Rapid 5 tail light uses a five LED design that provides visibility in nearly all directions. At the center of the light row is a powerful SMD-LED that jolts light unmistakably forward to those behind you. Flanking this hub are two 5mm LEDs that cover out 45 degree angles from the center light. And finally, the very sides of the lights have another two SMD-LEDs that beam out 90 degrees to the side. Together, the system of lights provides a powerful, 180 degree rear coverage. Mounting the Rapid 5 is a simple affair. The light comes equipped with CatEye's SP-11 FlexTight bracket that attaches to the seatpost. However, the light is also compatible with CatEye's all-new RM-1 saddle rail bracket should you wish for a more streamlined placement. In terms of modes, the Rapid 5 has four. For a maximum output, and the shortest battery life, there's Constant. The next three, Rapid, Pulse, and Flashing, feature various stages of flashing motion and intensity. All in all, the Rapid 5 has a battery life ranging from 15 to 50 hours depending on your mode selection. The light requires two AAA batteries, which come included. The CatEye Rapid 5 Tail Light is available in the color Black and in one size. Each light includes the SP-11 FlexTight mounting bracket and two AAA batteries.

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