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Continental Grand Prix 4000 Bicycle Tire

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Continental Grand Prix 4000 Bicycle Tire

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Continental 0118356 Grand Prix 4000-700 x 20 Black Tire with Black Chili is one of the few tires that miraculously delivers on all fronts. It is light, offers tremendous puncture protection with Vectran, and provides amazing handling and low rolling resistance thanks to Black Chili. The patented Vectran Breaker reconciles the conflicting goals of low weight, low rolling resistance and top puncture and cut resistance in a fascinating manner. The material is extremely tear and cut resistant and is also flexible. It retains these properties even under constant stress. The new Black Chili material incorporates rubber compound particles roughly ten times smaller than what is typically used in bicycle tires. This creates a denser rubber, without adding more material. Denser rubber increases a tires ability to conform to the road, while also increasing durability. The Black Chili compound is also more resistant to UV rays, which contribute to cracking and premature tire wear. The Grand Prix tires also come equipped with tire wear indicators so the rider knows when to swap out tires. Specs: Color - black/black skin foldable; Black Chili - yes; Weight - 180 grams; Recommended PSI - 130; Maximum PSI - 160; PU - 10.

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