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Hutchinson Fusion 3 Road Tire - Tubeless

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Hutchinson Fusion 3 Road Tire - Tubeless

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Mountain bikers have been embracing tubeless tires for years, but roadies have been a little bit slower to leave their tubes behind. Whatever the reason, tubeless technology is now almost too good to resist, and Hutchinson's Fusion 3 Tubeless Road Tire is a tough, light, and reliable tubeless offering that's perfect for riding on rough roads. Why is the Fusion 3 better on bumpy roads* Because its supple and firm 127 TPI casing lets you ride at lower pressures, which conforms to the road and absorbs bumps rather than skipping off them like a traditional road tire, which actually slows you down. Hutchinson also designed the Fusion 3 with a carbon bead, rather than traditional Kevlar, which sits more strongly on your rim to prevent burps and pinch flats. The triple-compound rubber is highly durable, with softer side sections for grip and a harder, smoother center section for fast-rolling, race-winning speed.

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