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Hutchinson Python TLR Tire - 29" x 2.10

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Hutchinson Python TLR Tire - 29" x 2.10

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Hutchinson's Python NG Tubeless 29 x 2. 1in Tubeless Ready Race Riposte Tire puts a modern twist on a tread pattern that's been a favorite since the 90's. Whether it be its numerous elite-level race wins, or its ability to provide epic weekend rides, the Python NG has proven itself as one fast-rolling tire. Those of you with years of experience on the dirt will no doubt recognize the distinctive tread pattern that defines the Python. A nearly uninterrupted row of knobs down the center-line of the tire keeps this puppy rolling with minimal resistance, which is one of the reasons that they're a perennial favorite. As you get off of the center-line, the intermediate knobs provide more open space for increased grip as you get your bike leaned over. These intermediate knobs give way to a low-profile, aggressive set of side-knobs. Essentially, these ensure a smooth transition from locked-in turns, to straight line speed, and back again. Hutchinson's 'Tubeless Ready' designation hints at the tubeless capabilities of this tire. However, it is worth noting that this tire is a different beast than Hutchinson's typical UST tubeless offerings. Instead, the Tubeless Ready tire casing uses a UST-style bead hook to ensure that your tires stay put, even when you're cornering hard. But, where it differs, is that it lacks the butyl insert of Hutchinson's UST versions. This reduces the weight and cost of the tire, only at the expense of a slightly less supportive casing and increased air permeability. Basically, this means that at the same pressure, the Tubeless Ready casing will deform more than the UST version. So, you'll find that it's even more important with the Tubeless Ready version to run a latex sealant in order to ensure that any tiny pinholes are fully-sealed. And, as anyone with tubeless mountain bike tire experience will tell you, running an adequate amount of sealant is necessary to avoid flatting, even with UST tires. The Hutchinson Python NG Tubeless 29 x 2. 1in ...

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