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Schwalbe Marathon Plus HS 440 SmartGuard Cross/Hybrid Bicycle Tire - Wire Bead (Black-Reflex - 26 x 1.50)

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Schwalbe Marathon Plus HS 440 SmartGuard Cross/Hybrid Bicycle Tire - Wire Bead (Black-Reflex - 26 x 1.50)

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Schwalbe Marathon Plus 26 x 1.50 Performance Wired SmartGuard Endurance Reflex Tyre

The Marathon Plus is the only tyre worldwide that can be called "flat-less". This is due to its unique and patented puncture protection belt: five millimetres thick and made from highly elastic special rubber. Even thumbtacks can't puncture it.

The new Marathon Plus is not only flat-less, it also rolls lighter than ever before. And, because of its anti-aging side wall, it lasts unbelievably long.

Due to the unique puncture protection, the weight of the Marathon Plus is a little high. But although the Marathon Plus weighs a couple of extra grams, its rolling characteristics are excellent. The empirical laboratory test confirms what you can feel for yourself on the bike- the new Marathon Plus rolls noticeably lighter than other tyres with puncture protection belts of comparable thickness.

The original Marathon Plus is now protected against premature aging resulting from adverse weather conditions or excessive stress in the case of insufficient air pressure. We have developed a special anti-aging technology. It makes the side walls of the Marathon Plus extremely resistant to ugly crack formation.

At the same time, the Marathon lives up to its name with a new rubber compound: The Endurance Compound rolls for thousands of kilometres with excellent performance characteristics and low abrasion.

The puncture protection on the Marathon Plus tyre is extremely elastic. This is important for both comprehensive protection and dynamic rolling. The high elasticity can only be achieved by using special rubber with a high proportion of natural rubber.

Natural rubber is a valuable raw material. It can only be recycled through very complicated processes. But we like a challenge. The puncture protection in the new Marathon Plus is partly made of recycled natural rubber.

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