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Bike-O-Vision Cycling DVD #1 European Sampler

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Bike-O-Vision Cycling DVD #1 European Sampler

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"Here is the original video started the Bike-O-Vision craze in 2005! The roads get a little bumpy over cobblestones and ageless country roads but it's a fascinating mini-collection of journeys you'll enjoy. Cycle along Alpine meadows in Austria, a cute Alsacian (French) village, race a barge up the Rhine River near the famous Loreley in Germany, then ride along the Italian Riviera paradise of Portofino, through the Brecon Beacons of Wales and into the English Cotswold Hills region. This video was taken in glorious Springtime, April through May. The rides are shorter than our other videos and the entire video is only 35 minutes long. All other Bike-O-Vision videos are 74 minutes to 112 minutes in length. Video previews are online at"

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