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Global Ride: Big Island Rides Hawaii Series

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Global Ride: Big Island Rides Hawaii Series

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* FOR A LIMITED TIME, ADD THIS GREAT DVD BOX SET TO YOUR ARSENAL OF VIRTUAL CYCLING RIDES FOR A DISCOUNT. ADD TO CART FOR DETAILS* This boxed set contains all three Global Ride Hawaii Series DVDs: Maui Rollers, Oceanside Ride and Strength and Endurance Hawaii. Each DVD features a 45-50 minute ride as well as a bonus yoga, pilates or strength training session tailored specifically to cyclists. Each is a completely different ride, with 3 coaching tracks and 1 live class track, giving the user 4 different rides for each DVD. This series also includes a 3 different 30 minute bonus workouts too: Pilates, Yoga & Strength Training with Hand Weights; each specific to cycling. That's 5 workouts per DVD! That's 15 workouts for the box set! On a cost per workout, it doesn't get any better than that. For details about each DVD, read the details on their respective pages. This clearly gives you the biggest bang for the buck, and you get a cool collector's box making it an ideal gift.

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