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The Last Kilometer / a cycling documentary

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A documentary movie 52' - English subtitles

Money, business, doping scandals and lack of epic and new champions: are we watching
"The Last Kilometer" for cycling*
The Last Kilometer is a film totally dedicated to a passion, an emotion, a sport: Cycling.
The movie follows the story and an entire cycling season of "the old" Davide Rebellin,
41 years old and still fighting in the peloton after many victories and scandals, and "the
young" Ignazio Moser, promising 20 years old son of cycling champion Francesco Moser.
The famous italian journalist Gianni Mura, Tour de France correspondent since 1967, helps
us to discover what cycling was and what it has become today, after doping scandals,
passion, epic, richness and decadence.
Finally, a bit of madness and insane joy is brought into the movie by Didi Senft, better known as "El Diablo", a living and metaphorical symbol of all cycling fans, with their passion and their enthusiasm.
The Last Kilometer is a portrait of cycling.

Release date: Dicember 2012
DVD comes with English subtitles
(2nd edition with fixed subtitles!)


Davide Rebellin - The Old. 40 years old, last year he returned to victory against all odds. But after the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games scandal, he was forced to return his silver medal, and for many people his name is still licked to doping, the dark side of cycling.
Ignazio Moser - The Young. Francesco Moser's son. Young rider full of strength and dreams, above all the Paris-Roubaix, the legendary road race in northern France. His father, a constant reference and point of comparison for him, won Paris-Roubaix three years consecutively
Gianni Mura - The "Suiveur". A famous italian journalist who every year, since the late 60's, writes his Tour de France chronicles.
From Merckx to Simpson, from Pantani to Armstrong, he provides us his interpretation key of this sport.
El Diablo - The Mad. "El Diablo" Didi Senft is a german fan that you surely have seen running after the riders with his red devil costume and his trident. He gives voice to all fans and fan clubs willing to follow their idol everywhere, ready to shout for his victories and to soothe his defeat.

and with: Francesco Moser, Cadel Evans, Francoise, Gedeone Rebellin, Marco Milesi...


Film review from PezCycling News
The director, Paolo Casalis, lets these interesting individuals tell their stories without interference and we have some additional cast members, including Rebellin*s sympathetic girlfriend Francoise and his father (another perhaps not-so-easy Italian Papa) as well as Cadel Evans, the non-champion, at a BMC team presentation.

A lot of the video selected is very expressive and of the highest quality. In addition to the feature's 52 minutes of running time, there are a few nice extras, including at lovely little snippet of film made at La Storica, an April-run vintage ride similar to L'Eroica but run in Liguria and tracing part of the historic Milan-San Remo route. A word of warning: in spite of this DVDs many undoubted virtues, the English subtitling is not one of them. Word usage can be downright weird ("unuseful") or simply wrong. Viewers are better advised to learn Italian, which is better suited to bike racing anyway.

To reach the Red Kite, the Devil's Flag, when there is only one kilometer left: that is when the race is decided. "L'Ultimo Chilometro" crosses the line in style.

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