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Scenic Trex Beachside Jungle DVD - Virtual Walking, Cycling, Treadmill Workout

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Scenic Trex Beachside Jungle DVD - Virtual Walking, Cycling, Treadmill Workout

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Trek through paradise right in your own home! Scenic Trex DVDs bring new adventure to treadmill walking, indoor cycling, elliptical training or simply walking in place! You'll have motivation for an energizing workout to get fit faster and stay in shape. Filmed in continuous motion along real nature trails, you'll feel like you are actually trekking in majestic outdoor settings right in your home. Scenic Trex Beachside Jungle treks through the lush jungle of St. Lucia in an extraordinary workout adventure. Wind along tropical trails and peaceful streams, emerging from the jungle to continue along the island's beautiful Caribbean coast. Imagine the sand in your toes and the breeze in your hair, as you trek across this wonderful, pristine island paradise! Your Beachside Jungle trek duration is 49 minutes. Walking, jogging or bicycling at speeds up to about 6 mph gives a natural looking pace during viewing. Tune out the stress of your day while trekking to the natural sounds of the island, or just crank up your own music - whatever gets you going! Bonus segments before and after your trek include a 5 minute Morning Warm-up and 20 minute Sunset Cool-down -- perfect for stretching or yoga! Warm up while watching amber light rise over the peaceful ocean and St. Lucia's famous Pitons. Cool down as the captivating sun sets over the Caribbean Sea with waves lapping gently at the coast. Enjoy the escape from your usual exercise routine and watch the time fly, while you get fit! Our DVDs are also great for creating a beautiful and peaceful ambiance in your living room any time -- ideal during dinner or parties! For more info and sample video clips visit Check out Scenic Trex Southern California Beaches and Rainforest DVDs for more treks through paradise!

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