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Tricycle: Pick Your Ride Cycle with Mindy Mylrea

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Tricycle: Pick Your Ride Cycle with Mindy Mylrea

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TriCycle offers everything you could ever want in an indoor cycle DVD. Based on the SchwinnŽ Indoor Cycling Program, this 1 hour and 45 minute DVD is jam packed with enough hills, flats, and intervals to last workout after workout. This is cycle mix and match at its best! You get three stand alone workouts shot in three completely different locations. Mindy Mylrea uses the backdrop of hills for the hill climb workout, she rides overlooking the ocean to represent the interval ride, and she travels all the way to a dirt cycle path for the flats. You will enjoy the beauty of the outdoors while following Mindy's motivating and engaging cues to reach your fitness goals. There is also a great mix and match menu to create a varied workout each time you ride. TriCycle is a workout not to be missed and Mindy is ready to lead you down the path. Enjoy the Ride!

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