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Pro Cycling Challenge live video

Just in case you haven’t noticed this yet, free live video is available for online viewing on the Interwebs.

There are also apps for viewing for Android, iPhone and iPad. Just search those device’s respective app markets for Shack Tour Tracker.

As of this post time, there’s maybe an hour of racing to go as they race to Crested Butte, Colorado.

Boycott Vail

Money talks in Eagle County, Colorado, where the district attorney has declined to press felony hit-and-run charges against suspect Martin Erzinger because it could jeopardize his job as a fund manager to millionaires.

Erzinger allegedly hit cyclist Dr. Steven Milo from behind last July, then sped away. The New York physician, who was vacationing in Colorado, was left on the side of the road with severe injuries to his spin, head, shoulders, and legs.

Stage 3 of the 2011 Quizno’s Pro Challenge on August 25 will be a time trial in Vail, Colorado. I’m making my travel plans for a visit to Colorado next August, and I will absolutely avoid the Vail stage. I encourage you to do the same, and to let the Eagle County Attorney’s office, Vail Valley Tourism and the Vail Chamber of Commerce know why you plan to skip a visit to Vail next August. (This is rush job, so if you have links to other appropriate contacts in Eagle County please post in the comments.)

It would be fantastic if the bike race organizers even dropped Vail from the Pro Challenge completely.

I first heard the news from James Huang. Stevil Kinevil rants on the topic. Change.org has a petition.