Thoughts on a Santa Clara County transportation tax 2016

After the success of transportation funding measures earlier this month in San Francisco and neighboring Alameda County, the Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) in Santa Clara County began scoping out a proposal for a new transportation tax for the rapidly growing South Bay that the call Envision Silicon Valley.

San Jose / Santa Clara Bike to Work Day May 8 2014

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The incorporation of San Jose Bike Party

Last year, an attorney began contacting San Jose Bike Party organizers, volunteers and riders while preparing a lawsuit against a shopping center where a Bike Party participant injured herself during one of the monthly night rides. This conversation prompted a few in the cohort to talk about ways to protect themselves from liability.

Official SJBP Megaphone

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Pedals, tacos and Solange rides a bicycle

Gabriel Harris sad cyclist

Reminder: SF Bike Expo is THIS WEEKEND at the Cow Palace.

With so much to be happy about, why does Gabriel look so sad?

Gabriel wanted tacos, but because he biked through the drive-through at Taco Bell, he was denied service, refused to leave when asked to do so, and was eventually arrested. Cheezburger has the scoop.

More important bicycle news below the photo of Solange Knowles and her fiancee Alan Ferguson as they get ready to bike to their wedding in New Orleans, LA.

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Cyclelicious Administrivia

Reminder: SF Bike Expo this weekend at the Cow Palace in South San Francisco, November 22, 2014.

I’ve made a number of long overdue tweaks to this website and the various information service I offer that hopefully will improve response times and usability for you.

California Bicycle Crashmap

California Bicycle Crashmap January 2014 - November 18 2014

San Jose trail flooding trial

I recently learned from Roger Weeks that the US Geological Service has an online water service that provides data about river depths and flows at various locations around the country.

One of those gauge sites is on the Guadalupe River in San Jose, CA under the Green Island Bridge at the north end of San Jose International Airport. This also happens to be a location on the popular Guadalupe River Trail that’s prone to flooding. What if we could know before hitting the trail that it will be flooded there?

I took a look at historical data and compared against times I knew the trail was flooded. I wrote a quickie program that grabs the water level from this location. Ponding seems to begin on the trail beginning at about 5 feet. Above seven feet and the trail is completely underwater.

This program checks the water gauge status every couple of hours. If the water is above five feet, it will tweet a note to @cyclelicious.

Rain is forecast for Wednesday so it’s a great time to test this out. I’ll fine tune this over our rainy season in California. I’ll also upload this to github later on so you can modify for your own local trails if you want. It’s less than 100 lines of PHP code.

Caption contest winner and the Santa Clara County Expressway Plan

Earlier this month, I invited you to submit captions of this photo of a heavily armored cyclist.

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