Autumn baiku

Frank in Illinois posted a “Cycloku” as a comment. That’s a cyclocross bicycle haiku.

Warren combined two art forms in his Panda Haiku by combining a Panda Portait with a bicycling haiku. In case you don’t know, a Panda Portrait is a self portrait of yourself on a bike while you’re in motion.

It’s autumn, but it feels like summer in the San Francisco Bay Area. We have highs in the 80s this week. Still, that’s nothing like the hot temps down south. I spoke with my brother last night (he lives in Oceanside) and he tells me there’s ash everywhere. Masiguy, who’s also near San Diego, has some dramatic photos of the air and sky where he’s lives and works.

Image credit: “Autumn.” Print by Volauvent in Switzerland. Citizen Rider has a humorous rain related cycling cartoon also.


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